Navigating through manpower constraints in the F&B sector

support Oct 23, 2018

With the current population of Singapore, it is difficult to imagine that there are labour shortages in the F&B industry. From favourite gastro-pubs to top tourist destinations, Singapore is blessed with a prosperous hospitality sector contributing to the country’s tourism growth.

The industry is well positioned, offering competitive opportunities and career advancements. In spite of this, the F&B industry is experiencing a manpower shortage. Therefore, for the industry to survive, it is of utmost importance for businesses to resolve this issue. The question to ponder over is how you can navigate through these manpower constraints to keep your F&B business alive? As Mr. Andrew Tijoe, President of the Restaurant Association of Singapore said, “Without manpower, you cannot run your business, and this hits profit margins, which then affects everything else.”

There are two main reasons for this issue. Firstly, the younger generation is reluctant to pursue a career in the F&B industry. This is due to the perceived unattractive salary packages offered, as compared to other industries. Secondly, the Ministry of Manpower has been tightening the foreign worker quotas allowed for businesses. While many employers intend to retain good talent and hire more people, these circumstances prevent them from doing so.

Singapore’s F&B industry is starving for workers, and if this issue is not rectified soon, it could have damaging effects on the country’s tourism and economic growth.

Many businesses are already exploring alternative means to survive the lack of employees. They are engaging homemakers, retirees and students to work part-time. However, there are other effective solutions business owners should look towards: automation and digitalization. How does it benefit a business owner? By using advanced technology to complement the workforce, one can increase the company’s productivity and ability to meet customers’ desired standards.

Gradually but surely, the F&B industry is turning to advanced tech systems to handle daily tasks and processes in an efficient way. Consequently, they can cushion the company from the adverse effects of manpower shortage.

There are various tech tools available today for F&B businesses, such as an online ordering system, POS system, table seating software, queue management system and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. These technologies are meant to enhance the efficiency of F&B businesses.

Deskera ERP is a business process management software that allows your organization to automate your business process end-to-end. With Deskera ERP, you will be able to handle all your invoices and billings in an orderly manner without the hassle of multiple paperwork.

Some advantages of using Deskera ERP are as follows:

  1. It allows you to report and track your stocks in real time
  2. Enables you to forecast demand accurately
  3. Facilitates the tracking and understanding of market trends
  4. Ensures alignment of your inventory orders with invoices

With Deskera ERP, you can improve your operational efficiency and overall productivity. This way, you can allocate resources to more value-adding and strategic activities to improve your customer service, thus attracting more patrons. Sushi Tei, one of Deskera’s customers, has seen a 70% productivity increase since employing Deskera ERP. On top of that, their warehouse was managed solely by 1 storekeeper, who also served as the company’s driver.

To end the industry’s starvation, start by consulting Deskera to discuss the needs of your business. With digitalization, you will always get a spoonful of business satisfaction.

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