Malaysia SST Goes Live from Sep 1, 2018 in Deskera ERP

News & Updates Aug 24, 2018

The new Sales and Service Tax Law 2018 is coming into effect from Sep 1 2018. If you are an existing customer of Deskera ERP or planning to use Deskera ERP, we’ll ensure all Deskera customers remain compliant.

Please refer to our earlier post for salient features of Malaysia SST.

Here is how you can use SST in Deskera ERP:

Tax Master

Chart of Accounts

Manage Products

Assign Default Tax to Products/Services for easy selection later.

Create Invoice

Choose appropriate tax from selection drop-down.

Corresponding journal entry

View Tax Reports

Tax summary:

Tax details:

Please read more about SST in Deskera ERP here.

Brajesh Sachan

Brajesh drives direction of Deskera’s future technology and shapes Deskera as the technology leader.

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