Making Deskera More Secure

Engineering May 09, 2018

Deskera takes web-security of its user community very seriously. Authentication to Deskera applications has been secured over HTTPS for a long time already. Application-wide HTTPS has been an option but is not enabled by default.

Deskera is rolling out mandatory HTTPS for all its cloud users across all applications in the month of May 2018. As the roll-out is completed, all Deskera applications will switch to HTTPS automatically, and users don’t have to worry about enabling HTTPS.

This change has an impact on Deskera API availability over HTTP to our customers and partners. HTTP channel will continue to be supported for APIs as we work with our partners to migrate them fully to HTTPS by July 2018.

Brajesh Sachan

Brajesh drives direction of Deskera’s future technology and shapes Deskera as the technology leader.

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