Leave Management Made Easy with Deskera eLeave Manager

Deskera Jul 12, 2011

The entire process of applying a leave for an employee takes less than 3 clicks, with inbuilt checks for already existing leaves on the dates selected. A brief reason for the leave along with any required documents could be added to the leave application form in a few easy steps and the application can then be submitted.

Once a leave has been applied, a notification is sent to the approving officer who can then view the application with all the relevant details on his dashboard. The approving officer can then choose to reject or approve the leave. If a leave is rejected, then an appropriate remark has to be entered citing the reasons behind the rejection.

Once action has been taken by the approving officer, a notification is sent to the employee via the “Alerts” box informing about the final outcome.

Watch a short video of how the leave management process is simple to execute with the Deskera E Leave Manager, making the entire process better, easier, faster.


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