Lead Management in CRM

CRM Dec 15, 2011

Lead management is an important activity and often differentiates an ordinary CRM application from an excellent CRM application.
Lead Management helps businesses to find customers and continue making money. It is an essential part of sales and marketing success. When leads are not well managed, efficiency of sales decreases and the cost of marketing shoots up, resulting in loss of productivity and inability to achieve critical objectives. Consequently, if lead management is not addressed appropriately by any CRM, then it could nullify the whole purpose of deploying the CRM in the first place.
The Lead Management module in Deskera allows the CRM to make leads simple to qualify, distribute, and follow-up on. Using Lead Management in Deskera CRM, you can:

  • Efficiently record and track lead details like status, source and rating;
  • Leverage powerful tools to convert and search existing leads
  • Define lead activities – Tasks, Events and more – for accurately carrying out sales process
  • Convert leads to accounts and define opportunities
  • Maintain comprehensive reporting

Here is a short video on how to manage leads using Lead Management in CRM:


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