Internet of Things (IoT): Biggest disruption of 2017 in technology and smart devices?

Feb 09, 2017

New-era tech such as the Internet of Things (IoT) is set for a big haul in the year 2017, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT) as technology undergoes high-trajectory growth in both reach and scope. It could be the year of digital transformation. Imagine an AC which switches off; thus, ensuring that the washing machine gets sufficient electricity. Or the dishwasher and the mixer-grinder communicating before deciding how to share the power on tap. Such is the direction that new technologies such as connected appliances and the Internet of Things (IoT) might take in 2017.

Going by the huge leaps that technology is making these days, this may actually be the shape of things to come as smart devices like fridge, TV, washing machine, home security systems, etc. have been flooding the market as well as the public imagination. That’s the smart home for you in 2017: a completely digitized way of life. This will lay the foundation for the Smart City Project, leading to overall smart living.

Evolution of affordable and highly sophisticated and efficient sensors

There is a massive explosion in the evolution of sophisticated sensors, and together with the commensurate and exponential expansion of 3G and 4G Internet services (there are talks of 5G too), a smart revolution in human lives is right round the corner. Not only this, the IoT technology would yield great benefits outside of our homes too.

For instance, the IoT could help in reducing pollution and enhancing the quality of life. Sophisticated sensors can detect air pollution and its trends in certain areas. This would lead authorities to re-route traffic to areas which are less congested. This information may lead to several other significant responses too. More medical personnel may be allocated to hospitals, particularly areas that experience higher pollution and may therefore have a greater inflow of patients with respiratory problems. This would basically ensure that the problems are taken headlong on a real time basis. All these additional benefits could make IoT the technology of the future.

“The Internet of Things would play an important and pivotal role in improving the quality-of-life indices. This technology can also be leveraged to predict as well as analyze the possible consequences of human activities and take measures to ameliorate the situation and prevent disasters,” said Somesh Misra, VP Operations and Co-founder, Deskera, a global leader in cloud technology, which has developed its own Big Data tool.

Exploring the ever-expanding frontiers of technology and innovation

Adding other cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the mix, the outlook of our lives is on the brink of getting digitalized as well as revolutionized. Technology majors including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are already offering customers the ultimate user experience. Innovations such as natural language processing, deep learning, and neural networks could further increase the potential of IoT technologies, taking the society to new frontiers of innovation and technological advancement.

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