How-to: Integrate Shipping Information into ERP

Feb 28, 2017

Did you know you can calculate shipping costs and generate labels using package dimensions, weight, and zip codes right from your Deskera account? Using shipping integration with Deskera’s Pick, Pack, and Ship feature allows you to generate shipping labels without leaving the application, adding ease to the warehouse process.

Many fulfillment, warehouse, and operations managers deal with complicated picking and packing processes, along with the hassle of manually entering in shipping information. Managing multiple, constantly changing shipping and billing addresses by hand almost guarantees longer fulfillment times, headaches and, worst case, user error (and sometimes all three).

Deskera’s seamless shipping integration eliminates those manual steps, reducing errors and expedite the time it takes to fill orders. Deskera also auto-generates freight cost analysis reports, getting costing information on-demand, and saving the time it would take to manually calculate those costs.

The best part? This functionality is built right into your Deskera account, so no additional application is required.

Let’s walk through how to do this with our UPS integration.

  • To enable UPS integration in Deskera, navigate to System > Preferences > System Controls, and provide your UPS account credentials.
  • Next, open the Delivery Order Report to view your existing Delivery Orders, and select one to pack.
  • Then, open the Packing Report. Select a record, click Calculate Shipping Cost, and enter in any other essential shipping details on this screen. Calculate the shipping cost, and it will display on the Packing Report.
  • Finally, wrap it all up by clicking the Download Shipping Label button on the Packing Report, and send goods on their way.

Declan Keir-Saks

Declan Keir-Saks is a global-focused thought leader in the technology space. He is a native of Australia but has spent the past 13 years in the United States working in a variety of roles within the

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