Indian SMBs witnessing a boom...

Cloud Jul 01, 2011

Indian SMBs (small & medium business) are seeing growth like never before. With the upturn in economy and cost effective and efficient alternatives available due to cloud based applications, business was never so good for a small sized company.

We have reports indicating an increase of 60% in the invoicing for our Indian clients in 2011. This is a staggering number by any means, and is a direct indication of the economic growth.

This growth was expected. With the increased usage of cloud applications, organizations are able to redirect resources to critical business activities. It is not a surprise that they are selling better than the competition

Indian SMBs which have still not gone for cloud based applications are quickly moving to not lose out to the competition. Traffic from the Indian subcontinent on Deskera’s website has increased by more than 80% this year.

It is important to note that counterparts in SE Asia and North America have switched to cloud applications some time ago, and provide testimony to its success. In this respect, Indian SMBs were slow to react and are playing catch up in the global arena. But now that the industry has woken up to the advantages of cloud, it is moving in with amazing speed.

What do you think about this growth? Do you think cloud is a factor in the rapid growth amongst Indian SMBs?


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