Importance of Assessing Competencies During Appraisals

appraisal Jul 15, 2011

Performance appraisals are often done with goals that have been set for a particular employee based on designation & experience. However, HR professionals around the world are increasingly using appraisal on competencies associated with a role to assess employees.

Assessing performance against competencies involves assigning competencies to a particular designation with specific behaviors associated with each competency. An employee can be appraised based on whether those specific behaviors are demonstrated by him or not.

Appraising competencies ensure that the employee is getting feedback on the most critical aspects which help them achieve their goals. Without the focus on competencies, employees might end up getting no feedback on how they need to achieve a certain goal.

The whole idea is to drive the focus on not only what has been achieved, but also on providing feedback to the employees on how to achieve it.

It is important that the employee is made aware of the competencies associated with his/her role well in advance. The employee should have a clear understanding of the specific behaviors that would be observed. This ensures transparency and fair play during appraisal cycles.

This is not a new concept, and Fortune 500 organizations like Accenture and IBM have been doing this for some time now as they have had the resources to manage a performance management system. However, it has not always been possible for smaller organizations to manage performance appraisal systems as they have lacked the setup and infrastructure to house a complete and cost-effective performance management tool.

With the advent of cloud technologies though, now SMEs can deploy a hosted performance management solution without worrying about the overheads of setup, IT and infrastructure, and at an affordable cost.

Deskera HRMS is a cloud based HR Management application with inbuilt Performance Management module which can be used to conduct appraisals on goals and competencies. The system could be used to:

  • Manage Performance Appraisals on Goals and Competencies
  • Manage Recruitment
  • Manage Payroll
  • Manage Timesheets

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create and assign competencies to designations using Deskera HRMS.

To know more about us, visit Deskera.


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