HR Analytics: The new whiz kid

Jun 15, 2009

Gone are the days when companies operated in a local environment. With globalization spanning its wings fast with each passing day, companies find themselves in an increasingly collaborative world. With increasing collaboration and an integrated ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers, the difficulty in managing humongous operations, ensuring consistent communications and deciphering an increasing pile of data is a distant feat. Well, HR Analytics comes here as a complete show stopper, endearing everyone with its contemporary, of great use features.

The visually appealing reports, graphs, pie charts, bar graphs give user a single access window to all his problems. He can further drill down to each individual report to see all the individuals associated with that report. Also, working with the HR Analytics has never been so easier, with intuitive dashboards and user friendly workflow. All data is processed by the system, freeing user to concentrate on the strategic activities, without having to worry about managing the huge piles of data.

Let me quote a few examples to corroborate your understanding of HR Analytics. Suppose your organization is facing increased employee turnover, but it fails to grasp the exact reason of turnover. As you all may know, talent wars in this globalised world are taking the organizations for a ride. So this is something every organization does not want to be a part of. But to check this solution, one needs a proper understanding of the reasons underneath. Here analytics come to your rescue, it captures turnover trends department wise and gives insight into what kind of turnover these are, are they voluntary or involuntary. Further it captures numbers involved with each turnover. All this gives you a clear picture of factors dominating the attrition, all of which is creating a talent shortage in your organization and thus propels you to take on time actions by giving you real time data, as and when you desire.

Deskera Betterbusiness

Deskera is a market leader in smart cloud-based business management solution, trusted by 80,000 users worldwide. With its big data backbone, Deskera offers a much required industry tool that is desig

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