How-to: Territory-Based Lead Routing in Deskera CRM

cloud based applications Mar 13, 2017

Simply put, sales team structures are not always simple.

You’ve spent hours scouring through data to assess market size and product-market fit. You’ve mapped every NAICS code to a sales vertical. Your team has debated endlessly about where to draw the lines among Emerging Markets, Corporate, and Enterprise accounts.

All this effort has resulted in painstakingly equitable sales territories, hand-crafted and personally tailored for each rep.

Then leads start flowing into your CRM and you’re still routing each one by hand. Your hard work and planning goes out the door and your morning routine reverts back to looking up area codes and manually assigning records. Suddenly, you’re wondering why have a CRM at all, if it can’t follow your lead.

Your CRM should work for you, not the other way around. Any CRM should be flexible enough to organize incoming leads by the territories you’ve designed and smart enough to automatically route them to the correct sales rep.

Deskera CRM can be easily customized to your specific sales strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up territory-based lead routing in your Deskera CRM instance.

Deskera allows you to get as flexible (or as simple) as you want with lead routing.

  • First, navigate to Master Configuration, where you will find Rule-Based Routing as a Lead Routing option, along with Round-Robin and First Come, First Serve.
  • Selecting Rule-Based Routing will get you to the master list of all your territories. From there, click on Add Rule.
  • On that screen, name your rule and give it a description you’ll remember. On the next screen, select the sales team members to whom the rule applies.
  • Then, the fun part – select any of your existing lead attributes (yes, even custom fields!) to create territories. Don’t see an attribute that you like? Go back to your lead list and create a new custom field – just make sure that when inbound leads sync to your CRM, the new attribute is imported as well.
  • Finally, saving the new rule will take you back to your master rule list, where you can reorder and reorganize your territories.

Now enjoy the results of all your work and planning, and sit back as inbound leads automatically flow to the correct sales rep.

For more information, or to see our CRM in action, contact us to set up a demonstration.

Pallavi Sud

Pallavi is a San Francisco-based business strategist who helps cloud companies hit revenue goals. A Boston native, she is a Tulane University graduate currently working as a Director at Deskera.

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