How the right solution changed the course of PTC System’s business

Marketing Aug 16, 2018


The corporate service sector is a competitive field providing industry-wide support services for enterprises. PTC is a leading IT System Integrator providing enterprise data management solutions to manage the technology challenges of its clients. Since its incorporation in 1991 the company is committed to helping enterprises achieve better performance, investment protection, and maximum returns. Headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in SE Asia, PTC has successfully implemented more than 500 projects.


For an organization with a reputation of providing excellent customer service, bottlenecks in the operations were impacting PTC’s business. For instance, CPF calculations and submissions, and employee leaves and claims were being handled manually. This led to a lengthy calculation process. To enhance its business operation and best utilization of resources, PTC needed to reconsider its Accounting and Human Resource Management systems.

Identifying the requirement

The management team of PTC started evaluating various tools available in the market that could help them organize their day-to-day business process. After conducting an extensive research and seeking recommendations, they zeroed-down on Deskera. A team of experts from Deskera studied the challenges of PTC. They concluded that the use of a legacy ERP system was consuming most of the productive hours of the resources. Other than employee leaves and claims, payroll too was being handled manually by the organization. All this was costing PTC additional man hours and expenses. At the same time, employee goals and performance indicators were difficult to map and record leading to employee dissatisfaction. Overall, the PTC management was not able to get a comprehensive overview of their accounting and HR processes.

How Deskera helped ?

Deskera experts proposed cloud-based ERP, HRMS, eLeave and eClaim tools to the PTC management. These applications automated the process of purchase, payroll, leave, claim, and sales and billing management. Deskera ERP replaced PTC’s legacy accounting system to carry out all financial transactions smoothly. The process of tracking and recording of financial transactions from invoices and receipts, to orders and payments was automated. With Deskera’s robust ERP system the entire procure to pay process was streamlined and automated. It enabled hassle-free maintenance of separate accounts for customers, vendors, and employees with a centralized database. Deskera HRMS automated the complete spectrum of PTC’s enterprise payroll requirements – payroll generation, IRAS calculation as well as GIRO processing. Additionally, the application made e-submissions lot easier with the option to add multiple CPF accounts. For claim and leave concerns, Deskera eClaim and eLeave apps were implemented. Consequently, claim and leave management processes were automated and could be easily encashed.

Getting on the right track

As a result of these new tech additions, there were visible improvements in PTC System’s business process. Increased work accountability and smooth flow of information were observed. A considerable advantage was the improved data accuracy and reduced manual errors. After implementing Deskera products, an overall increase of 29% in productivity was attained by PTC Systems.

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