How the right ERP software can adapt for future growth

Marketing Sep 07, 2017

Unfortunately, many of today’s ERP vendors are focused more on selling software quickly than on thinking long-term about helping drive and ensuring future growth for their customers. There are many small business entrepreneurs with aggressive growth strategies that are seeing their businesses are experiencing double or even triple digit growth. Sometimes, this growth is inhibited by manual, labor-intensive processes or out-of-date technology.

Today, out-of-the-box implementation is seen as the fastest and cheapest way to implement ERP, it can leave the product less flexible, negatively affecting the usability for companies. On the other hand, while customizing the ERP increases the length of the implementation time and can require more resources, it can greatly enhance the user acceptance, making the software more impactful for any organization.

This is where extensibility comes in. Extensibility is a software process that takes future growth into consideration and is an important component of any good modern ERP. In order to scale and reach maximum potential, without impacting future upgrades and implementation time, extensibility becomes a key feature of advanced ERP software.

Extensibility enables users to incorporate their own unique business processes that would be fully connected to the core system. Extensibility has one goal: successful implementation for customers. When choosing an integration platform, extensibility is the key. Customized platforms support extensibility by adding extensions like ODE.

The right ERP software can adapt for future growth in three important ways:

1. Adapt to your changing requirements

Does your growth plan include starting up or acquiring new operations? You will want an ERP that can be quickly and easily extended to include them so that you maintain an end-to-end view of your business as it grows. How about international expansion? Choose an ERP solution that supports multiple languages and currencies. The right ERP solution will support easy integration.

2. Save money

Streamline business processes and improve productivity across your business by reducing inventory levels and days sales outstanding. Cut down on manual data entry and increase inventory turns.

3. Help you focus on the business

The right ERP will require less attention from your IT people, freeing them up for projects that drive growth. Managers across your company, wherever they are located, can have convenient, 24/7 access to accurate, consistent, timely information to support the collaboration and decision-making that drive growth.

Deskera, using extensibility, allows small businesses to implement a robust, leading-edge business management application at a low initial cost, so they can continue to add users and invest in their people without forcing companies to pay additional exorbitant licensing fees.

Deskera also helps reduce implementation time by offering everything in an umbrella. Predefined dashboards, user roles, forms and reports easily allow businesses to turn on features when they need them and not spend an arm and a leg to get each module implemented.

The concepts of flexibility, scalability, and more importantly, extensibility, allow businesses to adopt all of the features and functionality they need when they need them. Interested to know more? Get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to give you a free demo today!

Rebecca Neufeld

Rebecca Neufeld is Deskera's Senior Director of Communications, based in San Francisco. A graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse College of Public Communication, she has spent more than a decade

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