How important is compliance in project management?

Deskera Project Management Dec 28, 2015

Project management is a pretty vague term used to classify almost anything and everything that has to do with executing a progressive set of tasks intended to accomplish a specific goal. From an on-the-ground supervisor to a top-level executive, it carries different forms of expectation at varying levels of the corporate hierarchy.

What is it that separates the good from the bad? Apart from the ability to achieve a desired result, it’s the way the result is delivered that makes the difference. Therein lies the case for compliance in project management.

When a bad choice becomes irreversible

Ever had a client, whom you thought was long gone, contact you out of the blue? Chances are you have at some point. If it wasn’t to discuss new business, you could bet it wasn’t good news. Sometimes, the “sins” we commit during the project execution phase come back to haunt us. And by the time that happens, the damage could be irreversible.

Let’s take for example instances of buildings that collapse because of structural integrity issues. Compliant practices enforced during the construction phase could very well prevent such a catastrophe but for whatever reason, wrong choices were made. These choices could inflict permanent damage on a firm’s reputation.

Building a foundation for collaboration

For large scale projects that run in the millions or even billions, it’s common practice to have multiple contractors, each with their niche roles, work hand-in-hand synergistically. To say all parties are interdependent would be an understatement. Simply put, projects of such scale can be pulled off only because of one constant factor: trust. Without trust, there can be no collaboration and with it, no progress.

So what generates trust? It is the consequence of an innate confidence instilled through compliant practices. Basically, when everyone plays by the rules.

Accuracy and accountability through transparency

When you’re focused on the big picture, it can be inevitable for the human mind to miss some of the nitty-gritties in managing any project. While increasing the number of human minds may seem like the logical thing to do, it could backfire if communication isn’t tiptop. That’s where the strengths of comprehensive project management software come into the picture.

The human mind may forget but a system doesn’t. The human mouth may not communicate clearly but a system always does. Where multiple parties are involved and the stakes sky high, don’t take a chance. Invest in a project management software. Besides its obvious benefits in planning, resource allocation and tracking, the transparency in using such a system helps to keep all parties accountable.

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