How Cloud ERP helps SME automate business processes?

Cloud ERP Jun 21, 2016

How Cloud ERP helps SME automate business processes? The notion that small businesses are less complicated than large businesses is frequently misplaced. Very often small businesses have identical challenges – just on a smaller scale. Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have IT requirements that are unique in themselves. In most cases, they require powerful, integrated tools but without the complexity that accompany solutions that are aimed at the larger corporations. This is where cloud automation plays a significant role. At the core of any business, implementing a cloud-based automation system greatly helps SMEs eliminate manual processes and streamline in-house departments to provide a centralized platform for improved business visibility and data driven decisions.

As opposed to the legacy ERP models, cloud-based enterprise resources planning systems are standing out as tools that can help SMEs achieve greater profitability and improve business competitiveness. There is a lot that small and medium business stand to gain from cloud ERPs and advantages like shortening of lead time, integration of data bases and refinement of business processes, are just to name a few.

Drive productivity

Cloud ERPs are assembled as a closely integrated set of applications that link all key business processes to a single platform, which is updated in real time. Therefore, SME owners can have up-to-date information (cash, sales, profits) available on demand whenever they need it. Also, since most business processes are automated, man hours spent on manual feeding of system data is significantly reduced. Intuitive financial reporting and analytics reduce the need for generating exhaustive excel reports and enable more streamlined operations with online access and robust workflows. Also, self-service mobile apps like the Deskera mobile apps, make business information available on the move, whenever and wherever required.

Reduce costs

According to a study conducted for small and medium businesses:

59% of SMEs using cloud services reported significant productivity benefits from information technology as opposed to just 30% of SMEs not using the cloud setup.

Also, a significant number of companies have reportedly saved on costs by utilizing cloud technology. The surprising numbers can be attributed to the fact that cloud technology facilitates optimization of resources and keeps a lid on labour headcount as an organization starts to grow. Since most business processes are automated, SMEs do not have to rely on hiring additional labour. Also, modern ERPs in the cloud leverage collaborative technologies, such as instant communication. For example, Deskera’s IM and workflow connects all stakeholders in a way that iswith not possible with on-premise software.

Integrate new technologies

With increased global competition, SMEs need to move fast and innovate better to stay ahead of the competition. SMEs are breeding grounds for new products and services that can help attract new consumers. However, new product and service innovation cannot stand alone. SMEs also need to innovate internal business processes and increase productivity to remain competitive. Integrated cloud ERP can help SMEs automate business processes and focus staff on higher value tasks and value added services.

Update without hassle

Unlike traditional ERP systems that usually require manual upgrades, cloud based ERPs are able update your system almost as instantly as the software vendor makes it available. Updates are automatic and happen without the need for costly consulting services and downtime. No extra hardware or consulting cost is required to maintain your business application.

With increased global competition, SMEs need to consider business process automation to create a more lean and effective operation. With automation software such as cloud ERP software, SMEs can benefit from process automation, work flows and improved business insights.


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