How better lead management can help SMEs convert leads into customers

May 14, 2018

In this world of cut-throat competition, as small business owners you always need to be on your toes. While there are plenty of challenges to deal with each day, one crucial task on which the bread and better of your enterprise depends is transforming your leads into customers. Realizing the criticality of lead management, SMEs have been exploring several efficient ways to make the most out of the finite number of leads that come into their sales process.

Businesses need a robust lead management system to ensure that leads can be managed effectively. One major challenge that every owner faces is that while he/she may be getting plenty of leads only a small percentage of them are qualified buyers. Hence, it’s imperative that we have a mechanism in place that can help us identify the sales-ready leads correctly. By managing leads in a systematic and structured way one can identify the qualified buyers, and also increase the number of leads generated.

Deskera is a global provider of cloud-based business software solutions. Deskera CRM app with its lead management feature can help you see every touch point with the lead timeline in a chronological list which includes emails, website visits, social mentions etc., between a contact and your company. Summary of important interactions in the form of a custom lead score will help your sales team prioritize who they follow up with and when, and sync it to your CRM system.

Since its inception, the company has been using cloud technology to bridge the digital divide between entrepreneurs and big businesses. Deskera’s CRM app with its lead management tool can be accessed from any smartphone because it is compatible with android as well iOs version. As Deskera CRM is a SaaS application you have the advantage of getting real-time information at a very competitive price.

Some of the features of Deskera CRM Lead Management app are:

Comprehensive Lead Details: You can record and track complete lead details like status, source, type, lead creation date, lead creation time, rating and more. At the same time you can also view details related to each lead through Deskera CRM Lead Management app.

Convert Leads: Leveraging powerful tools to search and convert existing leads into opportunities enables you to filter out leads. By doing so, you can comprehend and amend sales plans accordingly.

Add an Activity: You can define lead activities, tasks, events and more, for accurately carrying out sales processes related to a lead. You can get regular updates of the upcoming activities on your dashboard.

Add Documents: With Deskera CRM Lead Management app you can add/update documents for each lead and maintain them in a central repository. This will help you to be organized without any complications while passing documents within your team.

Export Leads: You can download lead lists in multiple file formats viz, .pdf, .csv and more. Exporting lead lists to XLS helps you ensure that the right sales reps follow up on leads while they are hot.

Import Leads: Importing all your leads from a CSV or XLS file from various sources can be done easily. With the help of this feature you can find all your leads with a single click.

Effective Lead Classification: You can create standard or customized lead classifications. This feature also helps you plan your sales approach depending upon the type, source and industry of each lead.

Deskera is a widely known award-winning SaaS provider and offers a cloud-based suite of integrated enterprise management applications for SMEs. These are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Project Management (PM) and Learning Management System (LMS). These products help automate business operations end-to end such as bookkeeping, stock management, payroll processing, workforce management and more. Our products are designed to address the needs of a wide range of industries including trading and distribution, manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

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