How automation helped Sushi Tei achieve 70% increase in business productivity

Marketing Jul 25, 2018

The growth story

Sushi Tei is a Singapore based food chain that has been reigning the F&B sector for more than two decades now. The first restaurant of Sushi Tei was opened in Holland Village in Singapore in the year 1994 by Daniel Ong and two other partners. At that time, the outlet served just 30 food items and had 20 staff members to run their business. Today, this leading dining chain boasts of more than 250 items on their menu backed by 500 employees in Singapore and 2,000 staff across Asia. The chain presents an assortment of scrumptious and creatively designed Japanese gastronomy. Sushi Tei is one of the leading restaurant food chains that provide quality, value and exceptional customer service across all its outlets.


With growth comes multiple challenges and Sushi Tei is no exception. For a company committed to bring good food at good value to its customers, Sushi Tei was struggling to accommodate increasing customer demands. They lacked a well-defined inventory management system. Without Inventory control, customer demand levels could not be integrated with inventory planning. There were increased instances of warehouse oversells. To make matters worse, notifications and alerts for inventory stockout were not available. Due to lack of real time visibility, they were unable to accurately track the order and reorder patterns for different inventory items. With no automation in place, this Japanese food speciality eatery was facing discrepancies between inventory orders and their corresponding invoices due to manual tallying. All these mounted to operational inefficiency, improper utilization of resources, loss in business productivity and more.

Identifying the requirements

In order to maintain the quality of food and services for its customers, Sushi Tei realized the need of a well-defined inventory management system. They needed a software that could facilitate orders from their outlets to the new warehouse as well as from the warehouse to their suppliers. Additionally, they needed a solution that could give them real time visibility of data to keep a track of their business and take better decisions. Sushi Tei officials sought an inventory management system that could seamlessly handle warehouse, outlet and supplier transactions from a single platform. With multiple business software vendors around, identifying the right solution that would meet their business requirements was critical. They were in dire need of that ‘one solution’ which could take a more active and effective responsibility in managing their inventory. With the right inventory management system they could report and track stocks real-time thus giving a complete oversight of the business. This could help them take accurate purchasing decisions with a positive impact on the overall cost and revenue of the company. Also, significant amount of manpower and labour was being used for managing inventory processes which they wanted to avoid.

Why Deskera?

After a lot of research and enquiry in the market, Sushi Tei officials considered implementing Deskera’s cloud-based inventory management system in their setup. Deskera provides a centralized inventory management solution that can control outlet, warehouse and supplier transactions from a single platform. With this functionality, Sushi Tei officials could now seamlessly track warehouse to outlet and warehouse to supplier inventory movement. All thanks to its centralized web-based portal. Deskera software facilitated increased accuracy of inventory orders. With accurate demand forecasting, Sushi Tei was able to avoid overstocking and understocking of goods and material. This brought an improvement in Sushi Tei’s liquidity position. There was significant increase in the efficiency of production scheduling. This in turn facilitated regular and timely supply to outlets as adequate stock for required products were always maintained. Deskera Inventory ensured better organization in the warehouse. The highest selling products were kept together in an easily accessible place in the warehouse which helped in speeding up the order fulfilment process. There was hardly any need for an inventory recount. Deskera’s intuitive reporting tool helped monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle with real-time notifications on inventory movement.

All’s well that ends well

Post implementation of Deskera services, there were visible improvement in Sushi Tei’s inventory management processes.

Ever since we have completed Deskera Inventory Management System for our warehouse, we have received positive feedback and evaluation from the core team. The system provides end-to-end solution with interface to warehouse and procurement as well as transfer from warehouse to outlets and internal transfer amongst outlets to outlets. In view of good track record, the management has decided to proceed to embark on ERP and CRM which streamline processes and real-time view solution which thus increase productivity for both Finance and Marketing functions”, said Janice Lee Assistant Director (Finance & Admin), Sushi Tei Pte Ltd.

Now, the company had better forecasting of inventory based on public demand. The warehouse management was well organized. As a result, the entire Sushi Tei warehouse was solely managed by one store keeper, David Ng, who also served as the company’s driver. An overall 70% productivity increase was noticed in Sushi Tei’s inventory processes. Deskera was instrumental in analysing and assisting Sushi Tei Pte Ltd. in understanding and implementing IT solutions to overcome business bottlenecks.

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