Holidays for different Countries/Locations - Deskera eLeave

Deskera Jun 09, 2013

With this newest feature in Deskera eLeave, you can now specify Locations for the holidays that you create. This will give you greater control when it comes to assigning leave to a particular region. We will show you how this can be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Click on “User Administration”

Step 2: Click on “Manage Columns” and then on “Add Custom Column”

Step 3: Create a column titled “Country” and input the different countries under “Add multiple values”. Remember to check the “Enabled” box.

Step 4: Go back to Dashboard and click on the “Master Configuration” module.

Step 5: Click on “Add Holiday” and create your holiday. You can now specify the locations to the holiday based on the values you entered in Step 3.

You now have the flexibility to create Holidays that are specific to a particular location or region. You can also use the same method to specify holidays to specific ethnic groups or religions. Have fun creating new holidays!

To learn more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source.  You may also join our Open Source Community.

Nidhi S

Product Manager at Deskera

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