Getting the work-life balance right

support Jul 30, 2018

Singapore has emerged as the global hot spot for entrepreneurship. In the last eight years, it has climbed to take the #12 position among leading global startup ecosystems in the world. It is amazing to see people working this hard to realize their dreams. But every dream has a price. Running an organization and reaching new heights requires a lot of dedication and commitment. You have to always be on your toes and be available for any critical situation 24*7. This costs heavily on your work-life balance. Whether you run an accounting firm, a manufacturing enterprise or an F&B chain, the scenario is same for every businessman. You can hardly spend time with your family and thinking of a vacation is a big NO.

Thomas Tan, Managing Director of a Startup Company was facing similar challenges. He founded his company 2 years back and never took a single day off since then. Unlike large enterprises, smaller enterprises cannot keep additional resource for each profile. Therefore, his problems mounted further when any of his employees went on leave.

“For the past two years, I was leading a stressful life without being able to take out time for myself or my family. There was all work with no breather. Things are much different and better today. With cloud computing and automation, I can spend time with my family even if my work schedule does not allow me to do so,” said Thomas.

With the help of cloud -based applications, this budding entrepreneur was able to automate and schedule a lot of small tasks. For instance, tools like Buffer – a social media management platform and Deskera ERP – end-to-end business management software helped Thomas and his team take care of their assignments and be aware about the happenings even while away from office. These are a few perks of cloud computing.

Not just this, the technology offers plenty of other advantages. An entrepreneur can easily login into his/her account and retrieve the files he/she needs to work on. The data saved on the cloud can be accessed from any internet enabled device like a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop and is not restricted to a specific location. Thus, allowing a person to have access to multiple information at one single place. Employees too, need not have to miss out on a family function or a friends’ get together. They can gain access to relevant information and work from any location. Depending on the department, business unit and level, this access can be controlled for employees.

Cloud computing is useful for online collaboration as well. People working on the the same project can see updates from their team members in real-time. Thus, avoiding documents with multiple versions. CEOs too, can keep a tab of project and its status on-the-go. Basecamp and Asana are best examples of these applications. File sharing, discussions, task assignment and deadline calendars along with reminders are provided by these solutions. It further allows employees to collaborate across departments even when using totally different devices and working from home over the holidays.

Another important application for any organization is a cloud-based ERP system. A modern ERP provides real time information to its stakeholders that results in quick response and better decision making. Furthermore, it can help salespeople generate real-time quotations, accounts team generate instant invoices and CEOs review real-time balance sheets and P&L statements on the go.

These kind of seamless virtual office on the cloud can help entrepreneurs as well as employees avail work flexibility over vacations like Christmas, Chinese New Year or in situations where your child is sick or you have a doctor’s appointment. Thus, it gives you the liberty to spend more time at home and lesser time in the office. Additionally, since cloud computing gives online access to your work anytime, you can complete your task as per your flexibility. Complete your task post a family dinner or after shopping gifts for your family. With real-time synchronisation, you can also avoid miscommunication and long chain of emails.

It is a known fact that work-life balance is vital in keeping a person and his/her business fresh and energized. Cloud computing with its multiple services makes that time off happen. From coordinating with colleagues, conducting training sessions from one location for partners/clients/employees across geographies, automating emails, and social media messages, and so on can be done through cloud computing.

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