Get your payroll right, in less time

Human resource management Jun 28, 2016

Get your payroll right, in less time. A few years back, it was a common way to disburse salaries via cash or cheques. However, transformations in accounting technology is changing the way businesses manage their employee payment processes.

Deskera Payroll Management facilitates quick and efficient payroll processing for SMEs. Specially for those SMEs that do not have any accounting background, Deskera helps them take care of their payroll process to be more accurate and compliant. Payroll components such as basic pay, travel allowance and HRA can be easily configured. Deskera’s flexible payroll system allows the convenience of adding multiple deduction components and tax types to exactly match organization payroll requirements.

Let’s see how Deskera payroll solution helps you process your payroll and makes life easier:

Centralized Employee Data

With an integrated payroll and HR solution, Deskera helps SMEs securely manage all relevant employee and payroll data in one central location. Monitoring employee information and performance reviews from a single centralized platform simplifies tedious HR administrative tasks.

Automated Compliance with Regulation

With a cloud based HR and payroll system, SMEs benefit by having an up-to-date solution that is compliant with region specific regulations and tax laws. For good business compliance, all payroll and HR data is stored securely for both existing and ex-employees. Tax and retirement calculations are done based on the latest regulatory requirements.

Increased Productivity

With timesheet and integrated HR data, SMEs can easily capture all information required to prepare your payroll process. Deskera allows the transfer of time and attendance data to be automatically sent for payroll processing.

Payroll Calculation Control

Accurately defining policies and payroll components ensures SMEs get their payroll calculation correct. Payroll processing involves payroll calculations, disbursal, pay slip generation and payroll taxes management. All these activities must confirm with required statutory compliances. With templates and pre-defined components, SMEs can quickly prepare payroll which helps them save time and be more productive.

Simplified Approval Process

Workflows and approvals help SMEs automate the approval process and get things done on time, with complete record of the audit trail. HR administrators can initiate a variety of workflows related to leave, reimbursements, expense claims and more according to their requirements. The online workflow process ensures company policies are automatically enforced at the application stage itself thus reducing the turnaround time.

Employee Self Service

With employee self service and mobile apps, employees can easily view their pay slips online. This facilitates enhanced employee experience and keeps the HR team more productive. Employees are empowered to be a part of the HR process as they can personalize their profile via Deskera Employee Self Service portal. This reduces the burden on payroll administration staff and eliminates errors associated with double entry.

Payroll processing can be an arduous and time-consuming task as your team grows but to run a successful business, correct management of incoming and outgoing revenue is crucial. Payroll is a big source of outgoing revenue. Therefore, developing and employing correct control procedures and processes is absolutely imperative to get it right. Accuracy and timeliness in payroll keeps your employees happy. It is a well-known fact that a happier workforce is a more productive workforce. And Deskera Payroll Management help ensure workforce productivity.


Deskera is an award winning integrated business application.

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