Five Ways Cloud Can Help Run Your Business

Cloud ERP Apr 07, 2017

Cloud computing is one of the most impressive forces that taken the tech market by storm in the last couple of decades. A phenomenon on its own, cloud computing has been disrupting conventional computing models and powering the core business systems of organizations across the globe.

The Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide by the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the worldwide spending on public cloud services will grow from nearly $70 billion in 2015 to more than $141 billion in 2019, almost six times the rate of the overall IT spending growth.

It’s important to remember that the term cloud is used for a wide list of services, from software and platforms to business applications and infrastructure. Although the principal benefits of cloud computing will vary from one business to another based on their existing IT infrastructure, there are important common ways it impacts all adopters. These basic improvements cloud computing offers are why small and midsize businesses can no longer ignore the cloud revolution.

Enhanced Agility

For organizations of all sizes, the ability to be agile is the deciding factor for their success. How fast and how effectively a business responds to changing market trends determines its future. Cloud computing facilitates organizational agility without exorbitant costs. Cloud migration for the infrastructure set-up can begin with a small investment. The viability of the set-up can be evaluated and then the migration can be stepped up as needed.

Managed Business Growth

Cloud computing solutions can help small and midsize businesses better manage growth and expansion, because cloud solutions can be scaled to meet the specific needs of any organization, no matter the size. Customized solutions can be brought in and can be changed or updated with little to no hassle. Since businesses experience peak periods and go through infrastructural changes, cloud computing is an attractive long-term choice for companies to use whether growing, consolidating or reorganizing.

Improved Business Productivity

Leveraging the benefits of cloud computing, small businesses can make their applications available to multiple hosts across different devices. By launching their productivity suite on a cloud platform, multiple teams within an organization can access the same data from any location. Cloud platforms also facilitate better collaboration. Streamlined processes can increase productivity, and the overall value of any business.

Reduced Costs

One of the most attractive reasons businesses use cloud computing is its decreases a company’s dependence on expensive hardware and infrastructure like workstations and servers. By hosting their IT infrastructure on the cloud, organizations can significantly reduce their hardware expenses and either save money, or reallocate funds.

Greater Security

Safety and protection of its data is of utmost importance to any company, whether a small business or a large enterprise. With cloud computing solutions, organizations receive better security measures than with traditional apps. Cloud vendors provide a wide list of safety services such as data auditing, data backup, security updates, 24/7 customer support and more. Businesses can choose their safety services based on their requirements.

Cloud is the Way Ahead for Small Businesses

Cloud solutions provide small and midsize businesses with an easy, flexible way to manage their assets and finances. Cloud computing, for many companies, has proved to be more economical than the traditional IT infrastructure. Taking fewer resources to compute, cloud platforms save on both costs and labor. Company decision makers might present several excuses for avoiding the cloud, but the truth remains that most everyone can benefit from moving at least a part of their IT operations to the cloud.

Shashank Dixit

I write when there's absolutely nothing else left to do.

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