ERP helps wholesalers & distributors satisfy consumer demands

ERP helps wholesalers & distributors satisfy consumer demands

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Wholesalers and distributors are essential part of the product distribution channel. They are the bridge between the manufacturers and retailers ensuring the flow of goods from initial production to the final customer.

In this globally competitive environment, it is imperative for the entire distribution channel to collaborate with each member thereby delivering the best value to end consumers. Wholesalers and distributors being an integral part of the supply chain should have the capability to satisfy consumer demands and deliver goods proficiently and timely. Regardless of whether the product is a customised item or a standard off-the-shelf one, timely delivery is critical to gaining an upper hand and winning consumer loyalty. Today, speed and productivity are of paramount importance and are default expectations of all distribution frameworks.

It is therefore crucial to choose the right technology to enhance your productivity and on-time delivery of products.

Deskera ERP helps you in better time management, inventory management and real-time data precision. Additionally, it also helps in maintaining supplier and customer relationships while still offering flexibility and scalability required for the organisation to develop.

Here are the benefits that Deskera ERP offers to wholesalers and distributors:

  1. Stock Control: By giving real time information of upcoming and active stock, Deskera can offer entire information at the time of customer delivery.
  2. Business Intelligence: Deskera’s ERP software for wholesalers can computerize and customise reports i.e. live deal figures, stock conveyances, stock levels, stock deformity rates and so on.
  3. Distribution Center Automation: With Deskera ERP, the manual paperwork is replaced by a complete automated system designed specifically to manage end-to-end wholesale and distribution process.
  4. Costing: You can set unique price for individual client accounts with promotional discounts for each request.
  5. Buy Order and Replenishment: With Deskera, you can define inventory and manufacturing items and even track them real time. The system will capture and identify all relevant information on every transaction to offer complete traceability. All purchases can be followed from the underlying buy request to the point of sale.
  6. Client Portal: This permits end customers to deal with their points of interest on the portal. You can fill in order details, print solicitations, track shipments and log inquiries. This will expand the level of self-administration and help diminish the level of inbound phone and email enquiries.

Deskera ERP software for wholesale and distribution will leverage your process with exclusive benefits. This award winning organization delivers fully integrated, compliant and quick to deploy ERP software for SMEs. It helps you manage your financial transactions efficiently and embeds a standard practice in your business operation.

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