Enhance your Quality Management process with Deskera MRP

customer loyality Mar 07, 2018

We all are living in a globally competitive world where consumers today have access to multiple options for any product. With a simple click of a button you can read reviews, get to know the rating as well as the user experience for the product that you intend to buy whether it is a mobile phone, a footwear, apparel or a beauty product.Today, consumers have become more demanding, cautious and want to ensure that they get the best value for money.

In this scenario, one word that acts as a key differentiator is Quality. Hence, it is imperative that we have an effective quality management tool that ensures that your product stands out from the rest. Quality management is not limited to the finished product rather there are a series of events involved in the entire process life cycle. Every department of the organization is a strong contributor in maintaining a very high quality at all stages of manufacturing and distribution

Deskera MRP’s quality control feature supports stringent quality compliance parameters to maintain high product quality. It streamlines the entire production process so that the final products are more likely to meet quality requirements before reaching the external market. Additionally it enforces quality control throughout the manufacturing process to prevent the manufacturing of defective products and to ensure compliance with customer demands and regulatory requirements.

Here’s how Deskera MRP can help you enhance your quality management process:

  • Quality Groups: Deskera MRP creates and saves different quality groups for the classification of your manufactured products. Different quality parameters are assigned to a quality group and these quality groups can be interlinked with other sub-groups.
  • Quality Check Parameters: The software defines quality parameters at different product and sub-product levels. You can enter quality parameters such as the BOM code, quality group, dimensions, pass rating and more. Quantitative values are assigned to each quality parameter and every quality parameter is assigned to a parent quality group.
  • Quality Checklist: Deskera MRP maintains a checklist to ensure fulfilment of all quality parameters defined for a product or a sub-product. Quality check lists can be defined at task levels, for assembled products as well as for individual products. Checklists ensure that all product components are positioned correctly or that they are the type and size as mentioned in the regulatory requirements.
  • Quality Check Pass Ratings: You can monitor product quality by assigning minimum and maximum passing value for quality check parameters. Quality ratings define detailed product specifications that help you identify how exactly a product should turn out. Description for the ratings can be added and these quality check ratings can be assigned both at the work order as well as task level.
  • List of Products: Deskera MRP defines treatment methods for products post completion of a quality check. You can view a complete list of all products that have been tagged as recyclable, reusable or repairable. Based on the product specification, after completion of quality checks, these products can be sent for treatments accordingly.


Deskera MRP’s quality control feature helps you ensure that your products meet all quality requirements before they are dispatched to the market. Quality control emphasizes the importance of thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products to find defects. Additionally, it ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty as superior quality products are doled out which in turn enhances your organization’s market reputation.

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