Effective Inventory Management with Deskera ERP to achieve Competitive Advantage

Deskera ERP Sep 10, 2010

Deskera ERP enables you to manage and track your inventory items effectively and with great ease. You can now track, record, control and re-order the inventory items in Deskera ERP to achieve the following:

  • Reduced inventory investment
  • Increased productivity
  • Automatic tracking of re-order demand
  • Accurate visibility across stocks
  • Reduce stock-outs and overstocks
  • Synchronize supply and demand
  • Improved customer service

Maintain comprehensive information on all your products and/or services; view detailed inventory reports; build product assembly from inventory parts; schedule cycle count for the inventory items as well as re-order to replenish stocks. All this and more can be done by following these simple steps:

STEP # 1: Add product(s) as ‘Inventory Part’ under Products and Services List. Enter the product details like reorder level, reorder quantity, lead time, cycle count interval and tolerance, initial price and more.

STEP # 2: Get a complete product overview through the Inventory Report and generate details like opening and present stock condition, current purchase and sales price, reorder quantity, reorder level, lead time and more. The inventory report enables you to track stock levels and monitor the sales/purchase of the product and the remaining quantity.

STEP # 3: Add a new product of type ‘Inventory Assembly’ to build assembly of the selected inventory parts. The system automatically calculates the product cost on the basis of inventory products selected in the Bill of Materials grid. The product assembly is configured here and the system gives you a choice to build assembly of the configured products right away or assemble them later.

STEP # 4: Build assembly of the selected inventory components, mention build reference number and quantity to build. The system makes it easy for you to decide the number of builds to be made by automatically generating the maximum number of products that can be made from the available quantity.

STEP # 5: System generates a reorder report for products with details like reorder quantity, reorder level, lead time, available quantity, sales and purchase price, cycle count details and more. Reorder Quantity defines minimum quantity of items to be ordered when the stock goes below the Reorder Level.

STEP # 6: Inventory Valuation report can be generated which allows the companies to monitor their costs associated with their inventory items i.e. inventory parts and inventory assembly. The inventory valuation report is calculated using Weighted Average method and the total cost of all the inventory items is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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