New Deskera e-Leave mobile app

e-leave Jun 28, 2016

Deskera release new e-leave mobile app. Although the app revolution started only a few years back, it has taken the product and services market by storm and shows no visible signs of stopping. With an upsurge in the adoption of smartphones and tablets, companies are offered with more and more opportunities that radically changes how their service or product is delivered and accessed. Similarly for HR operations, having a mobile based app for addressing employee leave concerns greatly assists in time and cost savings.

Mobile apps can be a game changer, specifically for SMEs. SME owners need to realize the untapped potential of mobile apps. It shouldn’t be startling to discover that in today’s market scenario, mobility is all-consuming and plays a significant role in the daily lives of individuals.

On The Go Leave Tracking

Mobile app is a much faster alternative than mobile web browsing. It only takes a couple of seconds to launch a mobile app. With eLeave apps, HR admins do not need to rummage through a big stack of leave application forms. Since all information is stored in the mobile application itself, tracking of employee leave applications and sanctioning them requires no more than a couple of clicks. For SMEs, nothing could prove more effective than hassle free employee leave management.

Paperless Leave Management

eLeave mobile apps simplify leave administration by ensuring a paperless, fast and accurate leave management system. Employees file their leave applications online which in turn helps in cutting down paper usage and saves office space. With all the information available online, the leave system becomes more transparent for both the employees and their managers.

Reduced Costs with Deskera e-leave mobile app

Mobile apps are cost-effective tools that help SMEs add real value to their business. Since leave applications and approvals are online, manual errors are greatly reduced. This not only saves time but also reduces miscellaneous expenses that would have otherwise been unavoidable. Mobile apps also reduce the workload on the HR staff by cutting down the volume of information requests and enquiries made by employees. Thus, even a very small team of HR personnel can easily handle and monitor employee leave processes. This greatly helps SMEs in reducing internal costs.

Deskera release new e-leave mobile app

Capitalizing on the trend, Deskera has launched a mobile app for Deskera eLeave. The eLeave app works for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Tablet and Windows. The benefits of a mobile app based leave management system are innumerable.

  • Managers can view employee leave requests and process it from any mobile device. List of all approved and rejected applications can also be viewed, both online and offline.
  • In one click, employees can view status of their leave application and apply for leave which is automatically routed to their approving manager. They can also manage their employee profile and view available leave balance.
  • With real-time notifications, managers are reminded of pending leave requests that they can process instantly. They can access leave reports to get better insight into employee leave trends.
  • With team calendar, managers can view employee leave requests so as to gain greater visibility into resource availability and to plan tasks likewise.

Conduct your organization’s leave management process in a faster way to ensure a more productive workforce with the Deskera eLeave app. The new and contemporary user interface offers color coding for leave alerts and notifications. Deskera eLeave mobile app empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, lower leave administration costs while tracking and evaluating employee leave details. The paramount convenience is that all these features can be accessed from the comfort of your cell phone or mobile handsets.


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