Deskera vs. NetSuite

Nov 04, 2016

For growing companies, an ERP solution that drives efficiency and cost savings can be the difference between single-digit and triple-digit bottom line growth. With the variety of ERP software available on the market, choosing the correct fit for your business is a seemingly daunting task. This whitepaper explores similarities and differences between Deskera and NetSuite, two widely recognized brands in the integrated cloud software space.

Deskera vs. NetSuite

Deskera is a market leader in integrated cloud-based enterprise software, with customers ranging in size from small businesses to multi-national enterprises across all industries. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Deskera offers an integrated yet modular approach with its core product offerings, allowing users to purchase as many (or as few) of its functional modules as desired.

NetSuite is another leading integrated cloud software vendor, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and catering primarily to corporate and enterprise businesses. NetSuite sells an all-in-one suite for CRM, financials, and inventory, with the option to augment the base suite with supplemental functionality at an additional recurring cost.

Deskera and NetSuite: Similarities

Deskera and NetSuite’s product offerings cater to customers of similar industries and size. The two vendors overlap in the realm of offered functionality, customizability, and their true cloud platforms.


Both Deskera and NetSuite offer advanced software functionality and readily incorporate features critical for organizations with complex business needs. Some of the advanced functionality Deskera and NetSuite both handle are advanced workflows, multiple locations, multi-faceted reporting needs, and revenue recognition.

Ease of Customization

Deskera and NetSuite both offer unmatched levels of customization and tailoring during and after implementation, ensuring that every workflow is mapped and optimized exactly to your specifications. Both vendors are capable of adapting to and supporting the complex and ever-increasing needs of large, expanding organizations.

Cloud and Security

Both Deskera and NetSuite are cloud hosted platforms – meaning your data is not hosted on your ERP vendor’s internal server. Deskera and NetSuite both offer industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that your company’s data is always safe, encrypted, and backed up on regular intervals.

Deskera and NetSuite: Differences

The most notable differences between these two vendors lie in the ability to purchase suite vs. modular functionality, post-sale software implementation, and ongoing customer support.

Flexible Licensing

While your business will realize the greatest efficiencies by utilizing the entire suite, we understand that sometimes it doesn’t make sense to replace your CRM or your inventory management system right away. When you buy NetSuite, you are subscribing to purchase every CRM, accounting and inventory process, whether you want to or not.

Deskera packages its core functionality into modular solutions in addition to its fully integrated suite, giving customers the choice of leveraging the benefit of the suite or purchasing any one of its stand-alone products: Deskera ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HRM (Human Resource Management) or PM (Project Management). Want to upgrade your financials but keep your Salesforce license? No problem – Deskera also integrates with a wide range of core software applications used in the market.

Software Implementation

NetSuite implementations are plagued with delayed go-lives, poorly scoped engagements, hidden costs, and high consultant turnover. Often, NetSuite implementations quoted for 3 months can stretch into lengthy, complicated engagements that take up the better part of a year.

Deskera, however, recognizes the market need for a platform that is malleable to the requirements of its customers, but is also easy to implement. Deskera implementations are custom-tailored, yet swift and painless, taking the burden off IT support. Pre-configured export templates streamline the entire implementation process, and by virtue of this, Deskera is capable of letting its customers go live in just a matter of days.

Customer Support

NetSuite is plagued by complaints around poor customer service and support, reported frequent system downtime, and constant price escalation, as reported by various customer feedback channels. NetSuite’s free level of support only ensures in-system case submission and response via email. NetSuite Support is billed as a percentage of total license spend. NetSuite Platinum Support – the highest level of NetSuite support, which guarantees a dedicated rep – can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars per year. When time to renew your subscription, NetSuite rarely offers price locks on contract renewals, resulting in escalating year over year recurring license spend.

Trusted by users worldwide, Deskera is renowned for its customer service. Deskera offers complimentary 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone call. For minor issues, customers are given log-in credentials to Deskera’s support portal where their logged cases automatically get routed to their assigned support rep. Deskera’s Account Management team is also tasked with responding and remedying support issues, unlike many SaaS vendors – so you can rely on your sales rep as an additional source of support.

Why choose Deskera?

Go Live in Days, Not Weeks or Months

Due to the inseparable, integrated nature of NetSuite licensing, there’s a good chance your implementation will be expensive and lengthy, even if you are only utilizing a fraction of the functionality. Why pay to implement what you don’t need? Deskera offers a faster implementation at a much lower cost, making it better suited for businesses looking to be up and running on a new system on a shorter timeframe.

Make It Your Own System

Deskera products are best-in-class, interactive, intuitive, and user friendly, suited for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Deskera offers robust, flexible enterprise solutions that do not bind the entire organization into a one-size-fits-all tool, giving your business leaders the ability to customize Deskera solutions to fit the unique requirements of their segments.

Powerful Functionality for All Technical Levels

Though NetSuite prides itself in offering cloud-based products with numerous add-ons, multiple modules, and advanced functionalities, the system is simply not intuitive or user-friendly. On the contrary, Deskera products are designed keeping in mind the end user and hence are easy-to-use and interactive, making them popular with both your technical-minded system administrator and your front-line sales reps.

About Deskera

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Deskera Inc. is a leading provider of integrated cloud business management solutions. Deskera was recognized as the #1 Integrated Business Applications as a Service (BAaaS) provider for Southeast Asia by Frost & Sullivan. Deskera’s cloud services power more than 3,000 customers across the globe.

Sujata Upadhyay

Sujata Upadhyay is the Manager- Content Writing at Deskera. With 10 years of experience in Marketing and Content Creation, she strongly believes technology can bring about a change in the daily lives

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