Deskera releases Inventory Management System

cloud based inventory system Jun 15, 2011

The latest product from Deskera to make your business better, easier, faster is the Inventory Management System. With this launch, Deskera has added to its arsenal of integrated enterprise applications and is the one stop solution for all business software.

Deskera Inventory provides a 360 Degree View of the Inventory Function allowing Finance and Operations to have a complete view of product information, stock levels, and operations so that products and stocks can be effectively managed.

It provides purchasing, receiving, stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities. It has a Procurement Module of its own, and it can also interface with existing Purchasing Module of a Retail Store.

Benefits of Deskera Inventory Management System include:

  • Optimizing inventory through a consolidated detailed view of stores’ inventory
  • Significant cost savings on the centralized purchasing system through enabling inter store transfers
  • Maintaining a consistent customer brand experience across locations with a repository of product and process catalogs
  • Eliminating unnecessary cash expenses through a sound cash request validation and disbursement system

And yes, it has all the advantages of a cloud based, on-demand application.

To get more information about Deskera Inventory Management System, please visit –

You could choose to try your hands at the Deskera Inventory through the Live Demo here.

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