Deskera Project Management - February'12 Release

Auto Notification Feb 20, 2012

The February release of Project Management by Deskera, among other things, makes the process of setting up and implementing notifications a lot easier for project managers. Let us take a quick look at the new features which are now a part of the project management application:

  • Updated daily notifications to include overdue tasks as per project management timeline. The project manager can decide if these would be automated or require subscription from the team-members
  • Notifications for overdue tasks can also be sent manually from the project by the project manager. A team member need not necessarily be subscribed for the project manager to request updates
  • Now project managers can get daily notifications as well as milestone updates for various projects created within the project management application
  • The milestone feature now highlights any overdue milestones

Deskera Project Management has got loads of other existing features (in addition to the ones mentioned above) which make it the best choice for managing all kind of projects and related activities (and it is completely web based). To know more, please visit Deskera.


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