Deskera partners with Nasscom on 10,000 Start-ups Program

Deskera partners with Nasscom on 10,000 Start-ups Program

Paritosh Mahana
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

In an effort to push the startup environment in India, Deskera has partnered with the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) to support their 10,000 Start-ups initiative. Global cloud-based business solutions provider Deskera’s software will be included in the complimentary ‘Start-up kit’ provided to participants of the program.

“The start-up phase of a business is an exciting time, and anything that helps a new company save costs goes a long way. I applaud NASSCOM on their 10,000 Start-ups project and for creating a vibrant environment that provides every young entrepreneur with an opportunity to pursue their ideas in the tech space,” said Shashank Dixit, founder and CEO, Deskera.

Deskera’s cloud-based Applications are aimed at helping start-ups save on costs, ensure compliance, and provide scalable technology for their growth. The initiative will be applicable to the initial stage of their business. The company’s contribution to the kit is an integrated, cloud-based suite of business applications that includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management Service (HRMS), and Project Management (PM). The suit will be provided free of cost to the program participants for a period of six months.

Nikhil R Jois, co-founder and CEO of Eventosaur, one of the companies taking part in NASSCOM’s initiative said: “As a start-up founder, I am always looking for solutions that can simplify my life. An all-in-one product like Deskera will help my business remain focused on our core competencies. We are thankful to NASSCOM for this partnership.”

The ambitious NASSCOM program will be instrumental in incubating, funding, and providing support to 10,000 Indian technology start-ups by 2023. It seeks to nurture start-ups into full-fledged technology companies through providing them access to incubators, angel investors, accelerators, venture capitalists, support groups, technology partners, and mentors. The program focuses on activities to support entrepreneurship and provide early stage support to enrolled start-ups. The collaborative effort is expected to empower entrepreneurs and create ventures of global value from India.

“With this partnership, NASSCOM start-ups can run their business with a single suite of applications so that they can scale seamlessly”, said Hemanth Dattatreya, Global Head of Channels and Alliances, Deskera.

For last 8 years, Deskera has provided cloud-based software to companies globally. More than 3,000 enterprises, with about 80,000 users, manage and run their businesses with Deskera’s Cloud ERP. The company was the winner of Red Herring 100 Asia 2016 and featured in Top 20 Finance Technology Solution Providers by CIO Advisor.

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