Deskera - New Features (Oct'12)

Claims Management Oct 23, 2012

We are pleased to announce several enhancements to the Deskera platform. These enhancements include a host of new features, many based on the feedback from our open source community.

But before we jump onto that, here is our new video. Check It Out!
Introduction To Deskera

Deskera CRM:

  • Hidden columns do not show up under Add Records window. So now you can enter leads into CRM a lot quicker and not worry about additional fields
  • The CRM Admin can disable fields so they are not visible to users
  • CRM Custom Reports can be filtered by Products
  • Resource Planning feature added for faster action on leads and opportunities
  • Added “Activity Reports” widget on the CRM dashboard
  • Activities can be mapped to roles
  • Optimized CRM Contacts module for faster performance

Deskera HRMS:

  • Overtime can be recorded in Timesheets
  • Implemented Multi-Company hierarchy in HRMS
  • Custom columns can be added for multi-company hierarchy
  • Added Reports on custom columns

Deskera Project Management:

  • Integrated with Deskera eLeave for checking availability of resources (if they are on leave)
  • Integrated with Deskera eTraining for checking availability of resources (if they have scheduled training)
  • Integrated with eClaims (sync Projects that resources worked on)

Deskera Accounting:

  • Update on “Net Book Value” under Fixed Asset Report by Categort

Deskera eLeave:

  • Implemented Custom Columns
  • Integrate with Deskera Project Management to show availability of resources
  • Integrate with Deskera Project Management to show alert if tasks are assigned on days that leave is applied for
  • Email notification to HR when leave is applied
  • Calendar status (from ICS) visible (Approved, Pending Rejected)
  • Multiple company restriction added

Deskera eClaims:

  • Multi-level hierarchy added for Claims Approval Process
  • Projects created in Deskera Project Management are visible in Deskera eClaims
  • Announcements feature enhanced to include start and end date
  • Added From and To dates to Reports and Claims

Deskera eTraining:

  • Training and Holiday Calendars updated. Now they sync with Project Management to show availability of resources before task assignment
  • Optimized “Training Structure” for faster performance

To try out Deskera, and these awesome new features, you can always head to our Demo site. We hope that you enjoy these new features and do not forget to share your feedback with us. A huge thanks to our Open Source Community for playing an active part in these developments.

To know more about us, please visit Deskera. If you want to join our Open Source Community, please visit


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