Deskera MRP: an exclusive software for the most promising industry

Nov 30, 2017

The MRP is an end-to-end web-based solution that helps run manufacturing operations efficiently – from production planning and process scheduling, to quality, compliance and inventory control – while reducing total costs.

“We are proud to be the pioneers of MRP software in India. At present, there are no other players in the market who have a cloud-based business software specific to the manufacturing industry designed for the SMEs,” said Somesh Misra, Co-founder and VP-Product. “With the government’s focus on ‘Make in India’ and transforming the nation into ‘Digital India’ we are contributing in our own way”, he added.

Deskera MRP with its unique modules helps you gain real-time visibility into every stage of the production process. Some of the modules are listed below:

  1. Product Master: It defines multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) and formulae for products. It also assigns quality check parameters, analyze inventory status, execute BOM explosion and so on.
  2. Machine Master: It helps optimize machine usage to increase capacity. You can maintain data repository for active and substitute machines, create machine maintenance schedule and calculate the production cost via this module.
  3. Labor Master: You can reduce labor cost by improving process flow. You can update your labor skills, define resource cost, resolve resource conflict with the help of this module.

To know more about Deskera MRP and its modules please click here.

“Deskera MRP is value for money. It’s a product that understands my requirements. I am confident it will increase my revenues and decrease my hassles by reducing my turnaround time by 50%,” said M M Mahindrakar, an entrepreneur, who runs Saurabh Heat Treatment

SMEs in India contribute more than 45% of the industrial output. It’s these SMEs that innovate and help create value for our communities through job opportunities. With the launch of initiatives like Make in India, the Government has been active in bringing out solutions to help SMEs thrive. At 48 million, India has the second largest number of SMEs in the world after China. Currently, manufacturing industry SMEs do not have an exclusive automated software to manage their inventory, resulting in mismanagement and ultimately low productivity.

Deskera helps enterprises optimize the entire manufacturing process. From production planning and process scheduling, to quality, compliance and inventory control, Deskera helps in reducing the total manufacturing cost. Additionally, it also helps deliver sales orders on time with optimal cost effectiveness.

Deskera helps in seamless transition and integration of the financial structure from old version to the new one. For instance, if a manufacturing company has its financial data stored in any old financial system of any business software, he need not worry about integration of his accounts, as Deskera will integrate it with the new structure, which is GST compliant and hence help in the smooth shift. Deskera also helps SMBs in dealing with the complexity of the multi-layered tax regime. Additionally, its cloud technology helps streamline inventories at multiple business units/ warehouses, thus providing real-time Input Tax Credits, which are most critical for GSTR filing.

Deskera being an award winning software company helps enterprises run their businesses on an integrated Cloud-based platform, thus enhancing productivity and moving a step ahead in the government’s ‘Make in India’ mission. Deskera aims to make business simpler, more user-friendly, and automated. Its business software suite helps its customers increase their operational efficiency and streamline their processes. From Financials, Inventory and Customer Service to Payroll, Recruitment and Projects, Deskera’s Integrated Suite of cloud-based ERP, MRP, CRM, PM and HRMS takes the hassle out of the day-to-day business functions of the enterprises.

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