Learning Management & Delivery made easy with Deskera LMS

Assessment Systems Nov 07, 2009

Everything is on the Web these days. After decades of progress, computers have gotten so good at managing all of our information that we can’t imagine ever going back to the old ways. People are so excited about the idea of having their information stored online that it’s already gotten its own set of buzzwords – and all the cool kids have already declared them to be boring.

Nobody can deny the efficiency and usefulness that comes with being able to get to all your data from a browser. Whether you’ve compiled your own Linux kernel, or attended a Windows 7 launch party, services like Gmail have proven that every kind of person enjoys this ease of access, and that even natural fears about security can be overcome if you do it right. Services like Motoblur on new smartphones effectively transfer all your social interaction and scheduling to the Internet, and the crew of the Engadget podcast talks about how they would love to use Facebook as their Rolodex.

But as every software developer knows, it’s not just about the idea – it’s about the execution. Just dumping all of your information on a server isn’t going to be enough, you need to make it convenient for your users. That’s why we built the Deskera Learning Management System. Instead of putting every bell and whistle we could think of into one app (and ending up with the Yahoo! homepage circa 1999), we focused on making an outstanding tool for a specific set of requirements.

The Deskera LMS works in your browser – or anyone else’s browser, in fact – but it reworks the principles of presentation, UI design and functionality that have been perfected by the entire software development community into something uniquely suited for educational institutions. Deskera LMS has its own internal email and document storage facilities, but it’s designed from the ground up to help you manage all the little details of your schoolwork. From online courses and professional certification programs, to brick-and-mortar colleges, Deskera LMS is a friendly and flexible tool that you can use without making huge up-front investments into hardware or software.

Deskera Betterbusiness

Deskera is a market leader in smart cloud-based business management solution, trusted by 80,000 users worldwide. With its big data backbone, Deskera offers a much required industry tool that is desig

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