Deskera joins hands with Visa to provide SaaS to SMBs

Deskera Feb 16, 2017

Deskera and Visa Inc., the digital payments company, have joined hands to provide Software as a Service (Saas) to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Asia and Europe. This will be done through the Visa Business Hub (VBH)—a portal for SaaS applications in Singapore. The development comes on the back of recent trends where innovative SMBs, particularly in Asia, have increasingly been deploying SaaS applications in order to reduce costs, improve customer service as well as increase productivity.

SMBs form a key segment in Singapore and contribute to around 50 percent of the nation’s GDP and around 70 percent of the country’s workforce. The tie-up would help around 12-15 million enterprises and SMBs Visa cardholders in Asia access the SaaS platform.

“I am encouraged that international brands like Visa are providing a platform to serve SMBs better and we look forward to working with them in Singapore and other countries in the region,” said Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera, a global provider of cloud software.

The partnership is part of the two companies’ “commitment to empower businesses to leverage on innovative technologies through cost effective SaaS platforms.”

“We are happy to have Deskera on board. Modern businesses face increased demands from their stakeholders to be digitally enabled and this is often daunting. We look forward to serving the SMB sector with the Deskera business suite,” said Vikram Kshettry, Head of Small Business Products—Asia-Pacific.

The VBH includes resources related to diverse areas including accounting, sales and marketing, project management and customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources. According to Visa, the VBH can aid enterprises save around 25% of IT expenses.

Deskera’s SaaS platform is expected to be accessed by about 12–15 million commercial Visa cardholder SMBs in Asia and Europe. Moreover, the development is also proof of the company witnessing whopping growth in revenues, around 100%, on a year-on-year basis since 2013. It is expected that the tie-up would lead to greater synergy between the two companies and help the small and medium business segment. Going by the leaps Deskera has been taking, more such developments may be expected as the company pushes the acceleration pedal hard.

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