Deskera is Project Management 2.0

Collaboration Oct 15, 2008

Zoli Erdos, of the highly respected Enterprise Irregulars, echoes our sentiments on Project Management 2.0 at CloudAve.

In the 90’s I worked on a number of fairly large scale SAP Projects in a variety of roles, including Project Manager, and supervisor of several other projects. The standard tool was Microsoft Project. It was used for:

  • Planning a Project (initial Scoping)
  • Selling it
  • Periodic reporting to Steering Committee during the actual projects

What’s missing from the above? Well, how about using it to help the actual daily work of project team members?

Project team members did not even have access to MS Project, it only existed in a few copies on the PM and Team Lead’s computers. Information-flow was one-way: feed the beast to be able to occasionally print charts that look impressive (scary) enough which Steering Committee members won’t question.

Okay, I am admittedly sarcastic, but the point is: PM 1.0 was all about planning, reporting and it served Management but did not help actual Project Execution.

My expectation of PM 2.0 would be that it helps all team members involved who can share information, collaborate on it and actually get clues from the system on where they are, where they should be, what their next step is, instead of just feeding the beast.

And that’s exactly what we are trying to do at Deskera. Oh & if you already use Microsoft Project, Deskera is just for you. Deskera lets you work on Microsoft Project files on the web. Really.

Give it a go by signing up for free.

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