Deskera Integrated software to help you run your business better

Marketing Aug 30, 2018

Deskera is the fastest growing ERP vendor and one of the few companies providing an integrated ERP software suite. This cloud-based system comprises of ERP, CRM, MRP, PM and HRMS modules. All these applications are imperative for an organization to manage its day-to-day business activities. You can access these apps from any internet-enabled device, encouraging SMEs to move out of the premise-based system. Deskera software helps to automate everyday business tasks such as book-keeping, stock management, payroll processing, workforce management and more.

Through this article, we would like to give you a glimpse of our integrated system and its features.

Deskera ERP- It provides a perfect blend of features such as purchase, sales and billing, financial reporting, item master, stock, and much more. With its flexible and customizable product suite, the software facilitates every type of business transaction. Additionally, it manages your vendor and customer related processes with ease. By providing a centralized and continually updated database, it gives accurate and real-time information. It is worth mentioning here that the Singapore IRAS Board approves Deskera ERP.


  1. It seamlessly manages your purchase to sales process, from quotations to goods receipt, invoicing, returns and payments.
  2. It automates and dynamically manages all stock operations to enable stakeholders to get the relevant information on-the-go.
  3. Inventory planning along with cycle counts enhances productivity and results in optimization of stock performance.

To know more about Deskera ERP please click here.

Deskera CRM – The software helps businesses to automate critical sales processes and track opportunities at every stage. You can smoothly implement customer-centric strategies and ensure effective sales management with leads, opportunity, support, and more, all thanks to Deskera CRM. The system also provides a complete view of the customer data to stakeholders, consequently sharing deeper insights of customer metrics. Adopting Deskera CRM gives you a competitive edge and helps you maximize your business profitability.


  1. It allows you to plan, execute and evaluate the success of your marketing strategies with interactive campaign tools.
  2. Allows you to gain actionable insights on future sales trends, forecasts, and patterns.
  3. It streamlines your daily business operation with document and email management on one platform.

To know more about Deskera CRM please click here.

Deskera HRMS – It is a comprehensive and intuitive tool facilitating the management of HR responsibilities. The software is specially designed to empower the HR department and improve their competence. With a powerful core database and extensive features list, it is a must-have software for every organization.


  1. Deskera HRMS ensures that you stay compliant with region-specific regulations and tax laws. The system automates CPF calculation, IRAS calculation, and e-submission files.
  2. The tool automates the payroll process. Quick preparation of payroll and better time management helps businesses to enhance their productivity.
  3. Gain the maximum ROI on your human capital by tracking productivity for each employee with designated goals and KPIs.

To know more about Deskera HRMS please click here.

Deskera PM – It allows real-time project collaboration. As a result, you can consolidate your project and converse with your team members from anywhere you want.


  1. With Deskera PM, your team can plan, schedule and deliver projects through mobile collaboration.
  2. You can access all the required information whenever you want.
  3. The tool increases your project delivery success rate and increases customer satisfaction.

To know more about Deskera PM please click here.

Deskera MRP – It helps you gain real-time visibility into every stage of the manufacturing process. With Deskera MRP, you can keep track of the machinery as well as labor activities. At the same time, the tool allows you to observe past trends, automate mass forward and backward scheduling, and ensures accurate production.


  1. It helps you to easily update tax rates and other statutory data, whenever there is a change in central excise rules. You can manage all your excise transactions and capture the legislative details.
  2. The tool allows you to define routing paths and assign route codes to multiple work structures
  3. You can view BOM in a tree structure which displays a list of all components that comprise the final product

To know more about Deskera MRP please click here.

The beauty of Deskera integrated suite lies in how all these modules can communicate with each other, and you do not have to maintain data at multiple locations. In addition to providing a simple and cost-efficient solution, the software helps streamline your entire operation. Deskera integrated system allows you to cut operational costs, while increasing your company’s efficiency.

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