Deskera HRMS – Payroll Management just got better with new, advanced and user-friendly features!

Deskera HRMS Oct 25, 2010

Payroll Management, one of the vital modules in Deskera HRMS, just got better. The module is now equipped with newer, advanced features which ensure ease of access, faster and efficient payroll processing to its valued users.

Specify your own formula for adding components for salary calculations viz. wage/earning deduction and tax; apply rule(s); create templates with or without dependencies on one or more components; assign more than one employee to a template with different salary figures and more.

Know more about the latest version of Payroll Management:

Add Component

Add new components to define the salary of your workforce. Specify a custom formula to compute these components. Apply basic rules of addition or subtraction to your custom formula.

Add Template

Add a new template by selecting pre-defined payroll components like wage, deduction and tax from the drop down. The system will prompt a message if the components have some dependencies on another component. Define the time period whether you want it month-wise or on a weekly basis with the dates or days of your choice.

Assign Employees

Assign employee(s) to the template created by clicking on “Assign Employee” button on the right hand side of the page. Enter the basic salary of the employee in a spreadsheet interface and also define the effective pay cycle date.

Generate Salary

View all the payroll templates in the system and also filter them as either template-driven or employee-driven.

Template-driven tab lists all the templates created in the system with their details like pay interval, pay date, pay cycle start and end date and the employee(s) assigned to the selected template.

Employee-driven tab lists all the employees on payroll in your organization. Select an employee and view the template assigned to him else assign one on the fly.

Select an employee for whom you wish to generate salary and click on “Generate Salary”. The salary for the defined time period will be created for that employee.

Salary Report

Select an employee from the list, define a date range and click on “Generate Salary Report” to get salary details for that employee. Also, export the salary report in convenient formats.

View/Download Payslip

View your payslips by clicking on “My Payslip” from the Dashboard. Select a payslip and click “Salary Details” for a month and view the earnings, deductions and taxes on the screen. Also, download your payslips in a single click in PDF format for future reference.

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