Deskera has Twitter Integration...

Deskera Mar 30, 2012

We are pleased to announce that your favorite Deskera Apps are now integrated with Twitter. You can stay connected with your incoming messages from Twitter without having to leave Deskera.

Imagine a prospect is tweeting about your product or company. As soon as the tweet goes on the web, you would be able to see it in Deskera. Moreover, any twitter id could be followed via Deskera — so you could follow anyone — an important customer, a prospect, or a critic.

This is the kind of functionality that may lead to new customers and/or tackle customer grievances at an early stage.

Setting up your account to show twitter feeds is simple:

  • Go to My Accounts
  • Provide Twitter ID
  • Save

Deskera would fetch all twitter updates related to the specified twitter id and display it under “My Feeds”.

Go ahead and give it a shot. To know more about us and the power of web based enterprise solutions, please visit Deskera.


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