Deskera featured in 10 Fastest Growing ERP Solution Providers by Insights Success Media

Marketing Sep 22, 2017

Deskera featured in the Insight Success magazine among the 10 Fastest Growing ERP Solutions Providers. Insight Success is known as the best business magazine that provides information about enterprise business management solutions. It lists organizations who have achieved trademark by providing best-in-class ERP solutions and are well equipped for the future markets, such as Deskera.

Deskera, is a leading cloud-based business management software provider and is known for providing the business solutions for small and midsize businesses. Deskera drives small and midsize business growth and bridges the digital divide by providing them access to new, high quality technological assets. Its cloud-based software enables companies to focus on their core business and resources in other growth areas like product development, marketing or sales. With its Big Data backbone, Deskera products offer a much required industry tool for inventing new solutions that cater huge customer base.

Deskera aims to keep up the momentum of making businesses simpler, user-friendly and automated. With a customer-centric approach, Deskera helps enterprises and businesses thrive. The software is a blueprint for business processes and assists companies to follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). It helps companies across a range of industries to capture, track and report inventory. Deskera ERP provides depth and simplicity, all while guiding users through standard accounting processes and practices.

The best feature within Deskera ERP is the financial reporting tool. It enables enterprise to analyze income and expense, with ease. It accurately prepares the balance sheet and the general ledger, help to do away with the complicated and time-consuming paper-pen based financial recording. Where other ERP software take hours or a day to generate reports, Deskera ERP generates reports instantly.

Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in the future of ERP and AI in ERP will help in recognizing not only changing trends, but also problem solving to manage those outlines in real time. Deskera is now researching and analyzing thousands of options for new inventory or machinery in the ERP such as availability, price, or accessibility. Speak to us for more details.

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Sujata Upadhyay

Sujata Upadhyay is the Manager- Content Writing at Deskera. With 10 years of experience in Marketing and Content Creation, she strongly believes technology can bring about a change in the daily lives

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