Advantages of Purchase Management Software...

Accounting Oct 15, 2011

A purchase management software can bring numerous benefits. Let us take a look at the three most beneficial outcomes of deploying a purchase management software. Speeds Up the Purchasing Process Say there is a regular requirement of certain products, like stationary. Once an entry is made, it could be cycled by the purchase management software without the need for a user to recreate them. Hence recurring purchases could be handled with minimal human interaction. Eliminate Confusion How often does it happen that “X” places an order, but then has to go on leave? In “X”‘s absence, “Y” takes over, but doesn’t know where the PO is filed, and everything leads to confusion, causing a drain on resources and time. Such situations can be easily avoided if everyone uses a centralized system where all relevant data is available to everyone. Chances of duplication of orders would be next to nothing. The system could be integrated with other accounting systems, eliminating further confusion. Consequently, with appropriate role based access, and system integration, a central system like the purchase management software would lead to increased efficiency. Provide Meaningful Insights A purchase management system that tracks all relevant data could provide relevant reports and meaningful insights. It could be used for supplier comparisons, or monitoring the health of the supply chain. Such insights can be invaluable and lead to direct cost savings. As one can observe, all the above would lead to significant cost savings, improve efficiency and create a robust, people independent system. Deskera ERP provides powerful purchase management capabilities which are further integrated with the entire accounting flow. This creates seamless information flow between different departments, enhancing the efficiency by an order of magnitude. Please visit Deskera ERP to learn more. You may also want to visit Deskera and sign up for a free demo to experience the Deskera advantage. Click on the link below to view a small presentation which demonstrates the relative ease with which anyone can use Deskera ERP for purchase management. [iframe 425 355] Deskera ERP – Purchase Management


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