Deskera CRM January Release

Collaboration Jan 24, 2011

We wanted to let you know about a big new Deskera CRM update we’re rolling out shortly and give you a heads up so you know it’s coming. [Update – This release has been rolled out on Jan 25]

We’ve been testing these new features with our partners for the past 4-5 weeks or so. Some of the features going out are as following:

  • Deep search within documents – This has been a popular feature request for Deskera CRM. While this has been available on Deskera Project Management for a long time now, it took us some time to provide it on Deskera CRM. You will now be able to perform a full text search within the document contents
  • Improved performance on the dashboard and WYSIWYG leads spreadsheets – We continuously work on improving user experience and application performance and you’ll see a remarkable improvement when you login into the application as well as when you access Leads module subsequently. We know that we’re not done yet and we’ll come out with much better performance in next few releases.
  • Real-time updates – If several team members are updating their records (leads, opportunities, accounts, cases) at the same time, Deskera CRM will provide real-time updates to everyone online as the records get updated. This will help you manage your data better and collaborate in real-time.
  • Auto-fill while creation of Contacts – You will now be able to add multiple contacts in accounts and opportunities without bothering about filling the entire information again and again. The data that we can copy over to contacts will be auto-filled while adding a new contact.
  • One-click backup – We understand that the data you enter in Deskera CRM belongs to you, so we have made it much easier to download and back-up your data at single click. This feature will be available to the company administrator under administration options.
  • More goal types – You will now be able to define goals for your team members with
    • No of Accounts,
    • Total revenue from Accounts,
    • No of Opportunities,
    • Total sales amount from Opportunities

    We are working on another set of enhancements of this feature which will allow you to define goals on any measurable parameter throughout the system. This is planned for one of our coming releases.

  • Other items – This release fixes 110+ issues reported over last few weeks. Some of them include
    • Column layout and configuration not being retained across sessions
    • Better timezone support and added more timezones for our customers across the world
    • Option to disable Deskera tour

Brajesh Sachan

Brajesh drives direction of Deskera’s future technology and shapes Deskera as the technology leader.

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