Deskera CRM has Field-level Viewing Permissions

May 19, 2013

Having a large sales team, sometimes you may want to restrict some of your staff from viewing some confidential data about your customers.

For example, if you provide insurance services to your customers, then you’d keep a lot of confidential data about them on your CRM system – like their income, savings, dependents, tax deductions etc. This data should only be visible to the salesperson handling the customer’s insurance policy.  There may be other cases where you use external sales agents to support your field sales and you do not want them to access some internal data like product cost and profit margins.

At the same time you still want them to access most of the data about the customer to help with the sales process. So what you need is the ability to restrict some fields from their view.

Here’s how Deskera CRM helps you

For all the fields (or columns) you use to capture information about your customers, you can define whether that field is accessible to a particular user role or not. So you can allow Sales-Managers to view the profit margin, and not allow the sales executive to do so. Also you can disallow your insurance agents from viewing the confidential data about other customers that they are not handling.

Here’s a screenshot to explain it better:

So here you can specify that this field can be viewed by the Company Administrator and the Sales Manager, but not the Account Manager or the Sales Executive.

This is a pretty neat way to manage confidential customer data on your CRM!

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