Deskera CRM - August Release

Case Management Aug 06, 2011

We are delighted to share with you the latest release for Deskera CRM. The new enhancements are aimed at giving you greater control over how you use Deskera CRM to make your business better, easier, faster.

New Features in Deskera CRM

  • Custom reports are available in Lead, Account, Product & Opportunity modules. You can read more about this exciting feature here.
  • A new optimized spreadsheet component has been added in Leads module, which leads to further speed optimization while entering and accessing data. We’ll be rolling this out to other parts of the system as we make further optimizations
  • Extending access for Case Module to your customers
    • Customers can file a case directly in the system now. They can also add comments and upload relevant documents, like screenshots or scanned images.
    • The added comments & uploaded documents would be available in the “Detail Panel”
    • “Default Case Owner” for all customer cases can be set in master-configuration. This ensures no cases are left without an owner by mistake
    • Contact in customer case could be enabled or disabled based on requirement
  • Email notification is sent to the account owner everytime a new opportunity is created by a user for the account

In addition to the above, 20+ bugs which were reported in the past few weeks have been fixed.

Let us know your feedback on the new enhancements. To know more about us, please visit Deskera.


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