Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 26th July 2020

Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 26th July 2020

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Another week, another awesome set of blogs from our team @ Deskera. We have a great new set of articles added to our blog last week ending 26th July, 2020. In case you missed them, here is a quick list that you can go through.

Another week, another awesome set of blogs from our team @ Deskera. We have a great new set of articles added to our blog last week ending 26th July, 2020. In case you missed them, here is a quick list that you can go through.


What Are the Different Inventory Valuation Methods (With Examples)
The three most widely used methods for inventory valuation are First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) Weighted Average Cost
What is a Balance Sheet? Explained Quickly!
A Balance Sheet offers a snapshot of your company’s financial position at a moment in time. The Balance Sheet helps you answer the questions: - How much does your business own? - How much does your business owe? - How much was invested by your own fund, or shareholders funds?
What is the Multi-Step Income Statement & Why to Use It?
In this article, we explain in details the definition of the multi-step income statement with examples, and also explain the type of business that uses the multi-step approach.
Bookkeeping Basics For Entrepreneurs
Bookkeeping not only keeps you in charge of your finances but also helps you take better financial decisions. Therefore, you’d do well to acquaint yourself with bookkeeping basics as an entrepreneur.
What is the Accounting Cycle?
One of the most crucial components to ensure that your business runs smoothly is its ‘money.’ After all, money is what allows you to buy and sell your goods, pay your employees, earn profits and maybe even end up going into loss. How do you ensure that you are on top of your game with your money? Y…
Cash Accounting Vs. Accrual Accounting Vs. Modified Accrual Accounting
Time and time again, we quote a particular study from Wasp Barcode Technologies, called the Small Business Report - Accounting []. It says that about 60% of small business owners feel that they don’t have adequate financing and accounting kn…
Double-Entry Bookkeeping vs Single-Entry Bookkeeping
The vast majority of small businesses - nearly 60% - do not have adequate accounting systems knowledge. This lack of awareness has led small businesses to maintain their books of accounts using a system that is widely characterized as a single-entry bookkeeping system.

Human Resources

Effective Performance Management
As part of the team that owns performance management for an organization, one needs to ensure that the external factors are not impacting the existing foundation of evaluation of employee performance as well as productivity.
Re-equipping the payroll function for GIG employees
A continuous inflow as well as the outflow of short-duration assignments by unconventional staff not just affects the finances of the GIG workers but additionally, affects how a company ’s payroll division must work.

Run Your Business

What Are The Commonly Used Payment Terms in Invoicing
Payment terms define how and when the payment(s) against an invoice will be made to a supplier from their customer. Getting paid on or before the due date keeps you cash flow healthy, and payment terms help you achieve this as well as keep you aware of any long outstanding receivables.
What Are Payment Terms in Invoicing & How They Help With Cash Flow
Many small businesses face issues with cash flow due to late payments from their customers. Being upfront and clear with payment terms is a vital part of getting paid on time.
What Are Shipping Zones and What Is Their Importance
Shipping zones are a crucial part of fulfillment and shipping. The zones can be a little hard to understand, especially as different carriers might use the zone metrics in unique ways.
What is Expedited Shipping | Faster Shipping, Quicker Delivery
Expedited shipping is any shipping or delivery service that guarantees that the customer’s shipment reaches them faster than standard shipping methods would.
What is India GST Return?
A document that includes all details related to GST payments, receipts, and invoices for a specific period is known as a GST Return. All transactions can be declared by a taxpayer in which the tax paid is based on the business revenue where the authorities will calculate the total amount of tax.
Step-by-Step Guide for India GSTR Filing
If the taxpayers are not involved in any business activity during the tax period they are required to file nil returns.So, it is essential to understand the GSTR filing process


A Lazy Developer’s Guide to Converting SVG image to PNG
There are several proper “legit” ways of converting an SVG [] (vector) image to PNG […
iPhone App Crashes Caused by Facebook SDK
About a week ago on Jul 10, I found my Spotify app crashing every time I opened it. It worked when I switched to the airplane mode. I googled a bit and found that a similar incident in May 2020 was caused by Facebook SDK. The solution of null-routing all Facebook URLs made my apps worked again.

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