Deskera Blog Update - Week Ending 19th July 2020

Blog Updates Jul 20, 2020

Our team @ Deskera has added some great articles in the last week, and we want to make sure you don't miss out on them. So here is a list for you to quickly go through.

The Meaning of a Single-Step Income Statement
Explanation of the single-step income statement in greater details. Find out the accounting equation to compute the net profit using the single-step income statement and examples of single-step income statement.
Improve business cash flow with invoice factoring
Frustrated with late payments from customers? Invoice factoring is a viable alternative to improve your business cash flow.
Streamline workforce management
Our workforce is one of our key strategic assets. As it directly impacts our business outcomes, it is a crucial business investment. Hence it is important to ensure efficient management of our workforce and its efficiency.
What is GSTN?
The GSTN is a non-profit, non-government organization. It will manage the GST portal’s entire IT system, which is the mother database for everything GST. The Government of India will use this portal to track every financial transaction.
What is GSTIN?
All business entities will need to Register under GST and obtain a unique 15-digit Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). It will replace the previously existing Tax Identification Number (TIN), allotted to businesses for registering under VAT.
Cloud accounting software: 9 reasons your business needs it
For most small and medium enterprises, dealing with finances is the most challenging part of doing business. Doing accounting yourself is time-consuming and has a high chance of manual errors, which can turn out to be costly mistakes. Thank God for technology; the excel sheets are gradually gettin…
What are the 4 main Financial Statements?
Financial Statements are important reports that show the financial condition of a company. They show you where the money is at, where it came from and where it went. The four main financial statements are: 1/Balance sheet: Apple Inc. Balance Sheet as of June 29 2019, published in its 10-K filing…
FedEx Tracking Essentials
A brief guide to help you simplify your understanding to all the things related to FedEx tracking.
Understanding Different Types of Inventory
The three most commonly used inventory are raw materials, work in progress (WIP) inventory and the finished goods.
DHL Tracking Essentials
A brief guide to help you simplify your understanding to all the things related to DHL tracking.
Improve Business Cash Flow by Utilizing Purchase Cooperatives
Learn more about purchasing cooperatives (also known as group buying) and how it can help you improve your business cash flow.
What is Inventory?
Inventory refers to all the goods, items, and materials purchased or manufactured by a business for selling to the customer to make a profit.
What is an Income Statement?
Everything you need to know about the income statement - from the definition of what income statement to the reasons why businesses need to prepare an income statement.
Types of Income Statements
There are two different types of income statement that a company can prepare such as the single-step income statement and the multi-step income statement.
GST Calculator – Online Goods and Services Tax Calculator
GST Calculator is a device that helps in calculating the GST amount on different goods or services accurately. The tool’s sole purpose is to show the total value of goods or services, including the amount of GST.
How to Register for GST on the GST India Portal. A Step by Step Guide
The MoF simplified the GST registration procedure online. Through the GST portal, the applicant can process the GST registration procedure. The portal generates GST ARN immediately after the submission of the application. The applicant can check the status
How to Register for India GST?
Every company/individual who supplies goods and services has to register under GST under the current GST regime. So, if your annual business turnover exceeding Rs.20 lakh (in all Indian states, other than north-eastern countries), you need to register with GSTN
10 Best Package Tracking Apps for Android and iOS
A lot of businesses deal with confidential documents and large shipments. Timely and secure package delivery plays a crucial role in such cases. And every business should keep itself equipped with a good package tracking software to check on the status of the deliverables at regular intervals. Thank…
Improve cash flow by utilizing deposits and milestone payments
Struggling with maintaining a positive cash flow? Try implementing prepayments such as deposits and milestone payments to provide your business with some cash resources upfront.
How to Improve Your Cash Flow by Leasing Equipment
Facing cash flow issues? Consider leasing equipment instead of purchasing: enjoy better financial flexibility and tax savings! In this article, we briefly touch on the types of leases and benefits of leasing equipment.
How to optimize your sales using a good CRM Tool
In today’s competitive world, the importance of retaining customers and expanding business cannot be understated. The costs incurred in finding new customers means that every existing customer could be significant.
Shift in Technology Landscape for Talent Management Solutions
Since talent is recognized to be a key differentiator and a strategic asset for any business, one of the solutions gaining traction is talent acquisition and management.
Digitization of HR
HR function needs to be digitized to keep up with the overall digitization of the company. The main focus shifts from cost-cutting to making sure efficiency within the administration.
Talent is the only constant in today’s times!
In our current environment of unpredictable circumstances and an economy of commoditization, talent will be the only constant differentiating factor and the only strategic asset that is not repeatedly commoditized.
The New Paradigm - API Readiness
Cloud revolution and mushrooming of SAAS products today has led to democratisation of software space, providing real power to SMEs to pick and choose the best of breed software for their business needs.
Digital Resilience Bonus up to SGD 2,500 for small business owners
As employees, we all love to get paid. But if you are an SMB owner, time spent on manual payroll calculations. It is a nightmare! Keep reading to wake up from this bad dream.
Command Line Deskera API Client in Node.js | Part 5: Show Me the Data!
This is Part 5 of the series of posts on writing a basic Command Line Deskera API client in Node.js. Part 1 — Hello, World [/command-line-deskera-api-client-in-node-js-part-1-hello-world/] Part 2 — Hello, You [/command-line-deskera-api-client-in-node-js-part-2-hello-you/] Part 3 — Call an API End…


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