Deskera Applications - New Features

accounting software Jul 08, 2011

At Deskera, we are continuously adding new features to enable our customers get the maximum out of their enterprise applications. Here is a sneak preview of new features in July which would make your business Better, Easier, Faster.

  • Now customers of our clients would be able to log in to the Case Management module of the system
  • Soon a custom report builder would be added to the system enabling you to slice and dice data the way you want it
  • Cases could be created and updated thorough emails
  • Admins would be able to control custom column configuration and visibility for all users in the organization now. This would allow easier and quicker initial setup
  • Continous improvment in our spreadsheet interface for all modules to allow quicker and smoother data entry
  • Users would be able to add custom fields, giving them greater control and flexibility. This will also allow them to run reports on these custom fields
  • Users would be able to perform Critical Path and PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) Analysis
  • Budgeting functions would be added in the application to provide Project Managers a better hold on the financials

Deskera Accounting & ERP:

  • Country wise tax structure would be available in the application
  • Partial selling and write-off of fixed assets could be done in the application

These features are but among many other innovations that Deskera would be bringing your way. Please watch this space for news and updates about Deskera.

To know more, please visit Deskera.

Please share with us your thoughts and views on the latest developments from Deskera. We would like to know from you what you want more from your Deskera applications.


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