Deskera Applications - Forthcoming Launches

competency based training Jul 05, 2011

July is going to be an exciting month with the pending launch of Deskera eTraining and Deskera eUniversity.

Here is a sneak preview at some of the features you could expect to see in the new products:

Deskera eTraining:

  1. Competency based Training need identification
  2. Inbuilt social networking platform
  3. Integration with HRMS
  4. Complete Learning Content Management System
  5. Complete Learning Management System

Deskera eUniversity:

  1. Complete student administration from admission to graduation
  2. Complete Learning Content Management System
  3. Complete Learning Management System
  4. Facility Management System
  5. Hostel Management System

These are only some of the many features that are going to be a part of eTraining and eUniversity. In the coming few weeks, we will take a look at all the features in detail and the value they bring to the entire teaching & learning experience.

Please let us know your thoughts and comments on the new products that will soon be a part of Deskera Applications.


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