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Accounting Nov 03, 2009

Here’s a nice problem to have: too many people are giving you money. Not to be confused with too many people owing you money, which is a terrible problem to have. We at Deskera can’t tell you how to get in touch with some nice gentlemen of the leg-breaking persuasion, but we can certainly help you out with tracking all of your payments and invoices.

Deskera Accounting is built on a great idea: take the simplest, most straightforward way to do something, the way that requires the least amount of setting up and learning new concepts – and then improve it just enough to make it really, really convenient. Every small business owner has gone through that early stage where they kept a list of outstanding payments in an Excel spreadsheet. That’s the way accounting has been done throughout human history. I think the old Civilization games had double-entry bookkeeping in their science tree. Since almost everyone has a copy of Office (or OpenOffice, or MS Works if you’re a home user who bought your computer from a really silly retailer), a spreadsheet is just the path of least resistance for making a list. Don’t believe us ?

…we only had to watch about five customers using the product before we realized that an enormous number of people just use Excel to keep lists. They are not entering any formulas or doing any calculation at all! We hadn’t even considered this before. Keeping lists turned out to be far more popular than any other activity with Excel. – Joel Spolsky in The Process of Designing a Product

Using Deskera Accounting is no more difficult than keeping a list in a spreadsheet. There is nothing that you need to know about accounting, or information management, or databases, to get the best out of this tool. But you do get a lot of surprisingly convenient little functions. Not just the sort of thing you’d expect from any competent accounting application, but the sort of thing that makes you go “hey, that’s really cool!”.

Here’s my favorite example. If you go to the Deskera Accounting dashboard and click on Company Preferences > Account Preferences, you’ll see a section called Automatic Number Generation. This is a really simple way to tell Deskera Accounting how to generate invoice numbers. You can enter any combination of letters, numbers and special characters, and that combo will be automatically used in every payment slip you make. Just place zeroes in there somewhere, and the software will replace them with sequential, automatically incrementing numbers.

Of course, this is a basic function of an accounting system, but what I really like is that you can set this up in just a couple of clicks – you don’t have to go looking through a bunch of menus and settings, and figuring out how the software thinks about this particular variable.

It’s no more difficult than typing a number into a spreadsheet.

Check out our video to learn more about our Deskera ERP and its unique features on our post – “Efficient processing of all your Financial Transactions with Deskera ERP”.

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