Customer Security Notice on CVE-2014-0160 (Heartbleed)

Heartbleed Apr 09, 2014

The engineering team at Deskera has been working to assess the impact for our customers in the wake of April 7 disclosure of CVE-2014-0160 also known as Heartbleed. In our endeavor to keep your Deskera account secure, we are responding to this critical vulnerability in OpenSSL’s handling of heartbeat packets and we’ve conducted a comprehensive security review in response. As per our audit, only some of the Deskera services are under the OpenSSL version with Heartbleed vulnerability, while most other services remain unaffected. We are taking preventive action to safeguard Deskera services. Given the threat posed by this vulnerability and considering its visibility, we are proactively patching our affected services. The security of your Deskera account is of utmost importance to us and we have determined this to be the best and swiftest course of action. As always, if you have any questions about the security of your Deskera account, contact us at

Brajesh Sachan

Brajesh drives direction of Deskera’s future technology and shapes Deskera as the technology leader.

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