CRM - From Customer Relationship Management to Change Relay Management

Jun 16, 2009

The financial hurricane brought in along with the September breeze of 2008, has forced enterprises all across the globe to adopt an earlier resisted process – CHANGE! Change is a rather frightening word for many managers as it demands resuscitation of the organizational processes and a resistance from employees.

The current environment demands efforts tangential from mere superficial changes. Organizations must understand that rebranding a product portfolio or altering its marketing strategies would be a limping exercise if these are not amalgamated with a focus towards a stronger and richer customer – enterprise bond.

The most logical means of survival in these crucial times is turning back to the customers. This means investing more on efficiently segmented product marketing, streamlining the sales process and enhancing customer service by adding value to each interaction with the customer. This sustenance drive requires amalgamation of top brass acumen and strategies, operational staff and their culture, and technology with the ongoing organizational processes.
This thought led me to modify ‘CRM’ to an interesting concept – Change Relay Management. Change Relay Management (CRM rechristened!) adds intelligence capabilities to traditional CRM systems, which are usually misused as a data input device. With change relay management each functional department and its personnel is able to align all their processes with Customer behavior and demand patters. CRM prompts the marketing department to communicate the organization’s goodwill through well thought and personalized marketing campaigns. Using CRM, the sales force of the organization tracks these impressed targets and follows up. And yes, they now would know what time is right for calling, what channels should be used other than voice based ones, what schemes or product features stimulates interest in customers and more. It’s all up there on the Portal for the sales rep to use and benefit from.
CRM allows the customer service executive to solve customer issues the first time it arises, paving the way for enhanced customer loyalty and retention.

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