CRM and PM now available on Google Chrome

Chrome Jun 06, 2013

Deskera CRM and PM are now available on the Google Chrome web store as an extension to your Chrome browser.

The availability of this Chrome application offers easy access to your to your CRM and PM solutions. They are always just a click away in your Chrome home page.

The following steps will show how we can install these apps to your Chrome browser and use them with ease.

Step 1: Go into the Chrome web store and search for Deskera.

Step 2: Install either or both the CRM and PM extensions by clicking the ‘Add to Chrome’ buttons located beside the apps.

Step 3: The apps will now appear on your Chrome hoe page. Click on them to launch the apps.

Step 4: Key in your Domain, Username and Password followed by clicking ‘LOGIN’.

Step 5: Your Dashboard along with all your data will be loaded. Proceed to use the Chrome extension like you would the web app.

In less than 5 steps, Deskera Open Source CRM and PM Chrome extensions helps accessing our solutions that much easier and allows your salespeople to concentrate on what they do best!

To learn more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source. You may also join our Open Source Community

Nidhi S

Product Manager at Deskera

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